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Describing People

No description

Alli W

on 19 June 2013

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Transcript of Describing People

Describing people
What they look like...
Their clothes, etc...
Next . . .
with "be"
What they look like...
with "have"
"be wearing"
She is pretty.
He is ugly.
They are short.
He is tall.
They are old.
He is skinny.
He is fat.
He has long hair.
She has green eyes.
She has straight hair.
He has pink hair.
She has brown eyes.
They have black hair.
She has short hair.
He is wearing a shirt.
He is wearing a suit.
He is wearing glasses.
She is wearing a skirt.
They are wearing pants/jeans.
They are wearing shorts.
He is wearing tennis shoes.
They are wearing dresses.
He is handsome.
They are young.
She has curly hair.
They have red hair.
She is wearing a hat.
Everyone will get a picture of a person.
DO NOT fold, rip, or write on the picture.

With your partner, describe the person using
at least 5 sentences.

When you finish your picture, trade with someone else.
Then . . .
Get a partner.

Describe the picture you have now to your partner.

Your partner must draw the person.
He is wearing a sweater.
She is wearing a necklace.
They are wearing jackets/coats.
She is wearing heels.
He is wearing a watch.
He is black.
He is white.
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