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School council intro

No description

Brian Golden

on 22 September 2015

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Transcript of School council intro

Keeps record of important Student Council activities
Take video, photos,
Maintains a website
If it sounds like fun...
Then think about running for the following positions. Elections will be held and only 5th grade students can vote.
Work together to solve school problems and change our school - meet during recess and O Block
What do you know about student council?
A student council is...
a group of students elected by other students that work together to Challenge, Respect, Nurture and Include members of the AIS Community.

to the school and the community
to all students
Work closely with myself
Publicize the date, time and place for all meetings, using posters or emails.
Take attendance
Take notes at meetings
Prepare a budget
Keep a record of all money spent and earned
Report each meeting on how much money the Student council has and has spent.
Make recommendations when the Student Council considers activities that involve spending money
Call meetings to order
Lead discussions
Spokesperson for the students
Communicate with Principal and myself
Communicate with the school - speeches at assemblies and events
Vice President:
Communicate with myself
Support President with everything
Help prepare for meetings
Help organize projects
Organize other officers
Build school community
What do student council members do?
Plan special activities and projects during weekly
Recycling Program
Organize all school spirit days
Organize the Fun Run
Special days
Projects and Activities 2015 - 2016
Class Representatives:

Each 5th grade class
will elect two class
members to serve
on the student council.
Task manager
Equipment manager
Acts and votes for classmates at Student Council meetings
Helps with all projects
So What Now?
If you are interested in helping your school, your classmates, your teachers and learning about how things work around your school...

You need to think carefully which position you would like to run for, then.........

You will need to write a short speech and present this infront of your class. This is the "Primary" election. Winners will then record thier speeches and a "General Election" will take place

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