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The Flight of Icarus

No description

Ayana Mack

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of The Flight of Icarus

photo (cc) Malte Sörensen @ flickr Questions What does the story tell us about human nature and relationships? This story tells us about the many different ways you can try to teach your kids to be independent. In the story the father begins building some wings for Icarus, his son, whom he gives instructions to. He gives these instructions to him to see to see if he can follow them, but just like any other teenager he didn't listen. This is much like teenagers and parents in modern day. Although they tell us what to do and what is right we choose to do what we want and have to suffer the consequences. Questions What major issues are confronted by the story? The Flight of Icarus Summary In Greece there once lived a famous Inventor
and genius named Daedalus. He was ordered
to build an elaborate underground maze
called the Labyrinth. It was built to hold a
fierce monster called the Minotaur.
Daedalus had a son named Icarus he was
helping his dad build the maze. Icarus was called to gather all the feathers he can find on
the rocky shore. Then his dad made
wings so they can fly but also gave him rules to follow. Icarus did not follow the rules and died. The major issues that are confronted is that kids do not listen to there parents like they are supposed to. Its for your own benefit to listen to them. I think it gives meaning to life because it's
really teaching you responsibility and the consequences on what happens when you don't follow the rules. It shows that any bad step can lead to something terrible, doing the right thing and listening is always better. In this case, Icarus dies when he disobeys his father. Does it give meaning to life? How? What explanations about the world does it give? It gives the conclusion that the world is based on
how you listen to the rules that your parents tell you
and how you react to the rules whether you decide to listen or not. This proves the quote "You shorten your life every time you disrespect or don't listen to your parents" The flight of Icarus teaches you that going against the proper way will always end in some sort of consequence. Icarus did not listen to the rules his father told him about flying and it resulted in his death What traditions does it teach? Before they started to fly the father gave Icarus instructions to follow he said if you listen to my rules you will be fine. Keep at a moderate height, if you fly to low the spray will clog your wings, fly to high and the heat will melt the wax that keep them together. This teaches you to be obedient, to always follow and listen to your parents because consequences do follow when you disobey. What moral values does it teach? The Gods does not have a role in the story
because there are no Gods in The Flight of Icarus. What role does the God play in the lives of the
mortals? Compare to modern day literature, film, would
religions or world events Basically this is selection is teaching the children how to grow and to do things on their own, how to listen and have good judgement. This story is basically an easy way for children to see that there are consequences when you do not follow the rules. Try to learn from your mistakes before fate catches up with you and its to late. Evaluate the selection This story can be compared to .....
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