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Martial Arts Film of Attractions

No description

Yusi Yan

on 9 May 2016

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Transcript of Martial Arts Film of Attractions

Martial Arts Film of Attractions
Take Brotherhood of Blade as Example
The Cinema of Attractions
Early film: The audience's attention
NOT narration or storytelling.
What's the intrinsic similarity?
The Cinema of Attractions
Why We Go to the Movies
Rapid Movements as Attraction
Cinema as Skin – Body and Touch
The Cinema of Attractions
Attractions (Gunning) & Close-up + Rapid movements (Münsterberg)

Both provide the fascinating illusion we have
never seen in the stage
in the real life
Close-up of Flagon
The Close-up of Hoofs
Close-up as Attraction
NOT the object, but the perspective
Close-up of Locking the Door
Event he most wonderful creations, the greatest historical plays, where the thousands fill the battle-fields, or the most fantastic caprices, where fairies fly over the stage, could be performed in a theater. But this close-up leaves all stagecraft behind. The stage can give us only changes in the outer world; but if we suddenly neglect everything in the room and look only at the hand which carries the dagger, the change is not one outside but inside our mind.
-- Hugo Münsterberg
Unlimitedness of Time and Space
01:08:36 - 01:08:40 Jin Door
01:08:41 - 01:08:42 Han Hall
01:08:43 - 01:08:46 Zhao Room
01:08:47 - 01:08:55 Shen Room
01:08:56 - 01:09:04 Jin Street
01:09:05 - 01:09:21 Lu Room
01:09:22 - 01:09:33 Lu Street
01:09:34 - 01:09:37 Zhao Room
01:09:38 - 01:09:42 Shen Whorehouse
01:09:43 - 01:09:44 Sunset Delay Clip
Unrealistic ONE
Unrealistic TWO
The Body as Attraction

I. Bloody Body
II. Flying Body
The Body as Attractions
05:43 - 06:17
The Cinema of Attractions
"The Cinema of Attraction"
"Martial Arts Film of Attraction"
Martial Arts as Attracion
incredible in real life
even contrary to the spirit of science
The Clothes, The Weapons, and The Architecture
In a costume martial arts film, the attractions expanded its scope, especially in
Brotherhood of
In the Context of Modernism
The Blade (Xiuchun Dao)
The Uniform (Feiyu Fu)
The Tablet
The Golden Dice
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