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DCM Engineering

No description

Vikas Girdhar

on 15 August 2013

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Transcript of DCM Engineering

DCM Engineering Limited
DCM Engineering having 30 years of experience in making Cast Iron products

DCM mainly focused on producing Blocks & Heads for the Automotive Industry

Pioneers in developing latest technology Passenger Cars and CV Blocks & Heads

Going ahead with major expansion / up-gradation programs to meet the growing demand of castings

Iron Foundry Process
Preparation of Sand
Core Making
Wide range of equipment available for following technologies:-
Cold Box
Hot Box
Shell Core

Various washes capability to suit product requirement viz. Graphite, Zirconium, Tellurium etc.

Green Sand Moulding
Molten Metal
Real Time Vision Based Control System installed for Automatic Pouring of Molten Metal with inoculants feeding & temperature measurement.

The vision system as a closed-loop, self-compensating automatic pouring system increases the productivity and reliability of the casting process by eliminating the costly over pours and short pours. 

Casting Tooling
In-house Design & Development facility with latest software – Pro Engineer, AutoCAD, Tebis etc.

In-house Pattern manufacturing facilities. All CNC machines networked with CAM

Siamese Tooling capability helps us in reducing the wastage and increasing productivity

MAGMASOFT® simulation capabilities provide thorough understanding of mould filling, solidification, mechanical properties, thermal stresses and distortions.
Moulding Line Up-gradation
All 200 sets of moulding boxes replaced in Oct’12

PLC upgraded to Siemens’ S7 from the present S5 in Nov’12 .

All Drives & Controls and Valves replaced with state of the art electronics in Nov’12.

Moulding Machine being upgraded.

Control system of Sand Plant being upgraded.
Maus Fettling Machine to do nearly entire cylinder block fettling automatically

This reduces manual fettling operation

Fettling is better controlled and consistent

Two machines are installed now

Further planning a robotic fettling cell to automate all secondary fettling .

Auto Core Cell gives highest level of dimensional accuracies, reduced core breakage and high productivity

Assembled cores will be the output of Auto Core Cell resulting in castings with minimal weight variation from the Design weight

Parting line fins and Mismatch will be minimal thus reducing excessive fettling

Automatic Core Cell
Proof Machining
Currently machining with nearby machining vendors

Supplying machined Heads to Mahindra

Exporting machined Heads to Perkins, UK

Developed fully machined Blocks & Heads for Daimler LDT Engine

Planning to establish in-house set-up for doing proof machining of Blocks

Packing & Despatch
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