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Indian Act


Herman Cheema

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Indian Act

The Indian Act 1876 Their Land and Other Problems The Goal Throughout
All they wanted to do was civilize the First Nations but all they really did was make life more difficult for them. Assimilation To Make Their Lives Difficult Protected Land Their Land Problems Who It Belonged To Their View Was A Problem What Was It The Indian Act was a law first passed by Canada in 1876. It imposed government control over all First Nations, covering many aspects of their daily life. In 1867 the “British North America Act” transferred responsibility for Canada's First Nations, was transferred from the British to the Canadian government. This eventually lead to the Indian Act being formed. The British North America Act stated that the Canadian government was now the only authority that could negotiate treaties with the Indians, and purchase their land. It viewed the natives as legal wards of the state or children. As you can imagine that wouldn't make anyone happy being treated like your helpless and can't do anything alone. But the act also stated the land still belonged to the Crown (The Country). The land was called, “Crown Land set aside for the use of a Band of Indians." It was expected that First Nations peoples would be assimilated, meaning that they would give up their own culture, languages, and beliefs, and live and act just like the British settlers. The restrictions ranged from rules about how they would elect leaders to how their children would be educated and how their estates would be dealt with after death. First Nations were allowed virtually no self-governing powers. Meaning they couldn't do anything themselves. “British North America Act” 1867 Front Page Of British North America Act Canadians Negotiating With Indians You can see that they are being treated not too greatly because the Canadians go to their turf and make them sit on the floor while negotiating deals to take their land. The 1876 Indian Act attempted to make the existing acts that were related to it such as the "Civilization of Indian Tribes Act" stronger. What Did The Indian Act Do Front Page Of Indian Act Written In Both French and English The Act was made to protect the land that First Nations still had left to them. But it didn't belong to them. In the video you saw how restricted their lives were and imagine yourself living like that it, would be brutal. Their being treated like little children being told to sit and listen to their teachers like little kindergartners. Go from Indian To British
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