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How and why did the Nile River impact life for the Ancient Egyptians?

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Gavin Michaelson

on 6 March 2014

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Transcript of How and why did the Nile River impact life for the Ancient Egyptians?

How and why did the Nile River impact life for the Ancient Egyptians?
About Five thousand years ago the independent city-states lining the Nile River united to form one long, thin country ruled by a single king, or pharaoh. In this Prezi you will be learning about these main ideas: Everyday life, The ups of living on the Nile banks, and The downsides of living on the Nile banks.
The ups of the Nile
There were many ups about living on the Nile river, here are just a few of the reasons.The Nile River was the center of Ancient Egypt. The floods brought rich black soil onto the banks of the Nile River which made it possible for farmers to grow crops. The Nile was the ancient egyptians made route of transportation from place to place. The dry climate near the Nile made it so the ancient pyramids still stand today.
The Downs
Although there were ups there are also some disadvantages which are that, the Nile flooded all the time which destroyed the crops. Another downfall of the egyptians living on the Nile are that there were crocodiles in the river and that could cause a problem. Another is that they could be easy to be sighted if they were to be attacked.
Everyday life
Unlike most cultures the ancient egyptians gave women many rights.
They could buy and sell land and goods, and even divorce their husbands. Still, the head of the family was the father. Most of the ancient egyptians didn't know how to read, although some upper class kids go to schools to learn to be scribes. Most boys grew up to be farmers or craftsmen.
Although there were ups and downs with living on the banks and the Nile we also learned how they lived their everyday life. All in all there is a lot to learn about this topic!
Bibliography and video
These are the links I used for this video:
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