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on 27 January 2016

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Transcript of homeguads

On 31 December 1945 The Homeguards Were Disbaned Later In 1951 the homegurds were back as the soviet union was invading but in 1957 they were gone for good.
germans did a lot of destruction to the cities. it cost a lot of money to fix it even though the signs are mixed up.
Invasion!(FAlse ALarm)
people think that germans were already invading england.so in the first day, home guards don't trust home guards so a lot of them died.
homeguard's duties
you will get:weapon,armour,backup weapon and food.
by joe +harrison

The Accidents
1.5 million men got hurt by themselfs or by the other homeguards because of their stupidness.
what will you get?
Some of the home guards duties incude
•Protecting the costlines,factories and mainland
•Helping People how are attacked by airaids
•KIll Hitler
The end of the homegurds
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