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Peter Who?

No description

Olivia Biehle

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of Peter Who?

Ist das der Schatz?
Peter Graves: Airplane!
Commercials Galore
Two Ways To Save!
''I tore my hair and ranted and raved and said, 'This is insane,'.''
- Peter Graves on Airplane! (1997)

"It was basically an action/adventure movie and not 'Mission.'... I passed on it. I said, 'It's crazy to do this.' The script wasn't that good either!"
- Peter Graves on film rendition of Mission: Impossible (2009)

"We are all victims of these machines." -
Peter Graves on gasoline-powered leaf blowers (1998)
Off The Beaten Path
1883: founded in San Antonio by Ed Friedrich
Friedrich Air Conditioning
The Energy Economiser
Social Media

Spokesperson for Friedrich Air Conditioning
Narrator for The Mysterious Monsters
Advertiser of Anheuser-Busch Natural Light Beer
Peter Graves in '76/77
Commercial Production Info
1950: one of world's largest manufacturer of refrigeration equipment
1952: begins manufacturing air conditioners
Feb. 2, 1976: Peter Graves named spokesperson for Friedrich Air Conditioning
Announcement in Boxoffice; Feb. 2, 1976
The Victoria Advocate
Sept. 17, 1977
The Washington Post
Apr. 22, 1976
St. Petersburg Times
Nov. 30, 1977
Aired primarily in April 1976
Offer ended May 22, 1976
Filmed in February or early March 1976
Possibly filmed in Dallas
St. Petersburg
Mar. 17, 1976
Not a lot of information because Backstage did not begin TV Commercial Production Guide until Oct. 8, 1976. This lack of information is also due to the fact that Friedrich Air Conditioning and the entirety of Los Angeles are both completely unhelpful.
Grape Nuts

Peter Who?
Born March 18, 1926
Died March 14, 2010
Famous for:
Mission: Impossible
(1967-1973, 1988-1989)
Night of the Hunter
Numerous sci-fi films from the '50s and '70s.
Peter Aurness, aka Peter Graves
Fun Fact: Peter used a stage name to avoid confusion with his brother, James Aurness, who also goes by a stage name.
THE Peter Graves Fan Club

Peter Graves Appreciation

RIP Peter Graves
Social Media
"Finally, my brain gave it to me - a dream of young Peter Graves. Not distressingly elderly Peter Graves or even 1960s Peter Graves, but a twenty to twenty-five year old Peter Graves, golden and beautiful. I wish I could remember it better, but I wrote down what I could."
Mission: Not Quite Accomplished
Hope to get in contact with Friedrich Air Conditioning
Want to know who produced/directed it and where
Would like to know which commercial was Peter Graves' all-time favorite
...and which sci-fi movie
At first, no.
Outdated TV advertisement
Numerous commercials with Peter Graves
No other pertinent information
Appeared in several MST3K episodes, as he appeared in a ton of campy sci-fi's from Roger Corman and the likes. If you get a chance, the FA library has
Parts: The Clonus Horror
However, there is a fanbase for such material.
What do we know?
Friedrich Air Conditioning
Specifically, Energy Economiser
Vaguely familiar looking man with white hair
Soap opera star?
Dust particles signifies it was shot on film
Horizontal bars could mean bad transfer or corrupted digitization
Ending audio/sound effect suggests 1980s
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