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~ Air Pollution in Mexico City ~

By: Sami Manus

Sami Manus

on 28 January 2013

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Transcript of ~ Air Pollution in Mexico City ~

Fact 1 on air pollution in Mexico city! . Air pollution in Mexico is mainly caused by the large number of vehicles that emit high levels of black carbon "soot " all through the streets of the city. Third fact about air pollution in Mexico City Fourth fact on Air pollution in Mexico City! Fifth fact on Air pollution in Mexico city . The city is standing at 2,240 meters above sea level, and because there's not as much oxygen at this altitude , most of the air pollution is a result of mainly incomplete combustion of hydrocarbons , mainly diesel emissions. Fact 2 on air pollution in Mexico city

. It has been known to humans for several years that the air pollution in Mexico City is much worse than investigated in familiar sized cities in other developing nations. . The Majority of the population
is exposed daily
to fumes. ~ BY: Sami Manus ~ The mysteries and lost treasures of
~"Air Pollution in Mexico City "~ . Air pollution in Mexico City is a non-stop concern for people, health scientists' , and environmentalists. Although, alot of improvement has been made in the city since 1992 when the United Nations named Mexico City "the most polluted city on Earth." At that time pollution was known to cause many deaths and 35,000 hospitalizations per year. First solution for air pollution in Mexico City . Mexico city, built a bowl shaped
crater of an extinct volcano. The height
of the dome is located where the air is thin,
and the exhaust from vehicles and factories
get trapped in the valley of the crater. Second solution for
air pollution in Mexico City . The government even made a rule
to reduce air pollution , by telling drivers
to leave their vehicle at their house one day a week. And to take a hike to work, ride a bus/train, or carpool to work. Third solution to reduce air pollution in the land of Mexico City . Alot of cars are in the process of being
repaired, so they do not produce so
much air pollution. Fourth solution to lower the production of air pollution . When their are high amounts of air pollution
in the city some specific air polluting factories are
shut down for a certain amount of time. Fifth and final
solution to put an end to air pollution! . The government is trying to figure out
a specific device that keeps the air clean, or at least gets as much air pollutants as it can
pick up. Thanks
Watching! Now for some pictures of " The Mexico city Air Pollution! * Websites for information*


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