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Anne Frank Diary "Fear"

No description

Harrison Gillenwater

on 14 June 2016

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Transcript of Anne Frank Diary "Fear"

Anne Frank Diary "Fear"
Quote #2
On page 62, Anne says with a terrified tone, "Father, let's get out of here! We can't stay here now... Let's go..."
Quote 3
On page 21, Anne said, “Every time I hear a creak in the house, or a step on the street outside, I’m sure they’re coming for us.”

Quote #4
Quote #1
On page 51, Anne said, "...The air raids are getting worse. They come over day and night. the noise is terrifying. Pim says it should be music to our ears. The more planes come over, who is the most frightened?"
Reason #1
This quote shows that Anne was becoming more and more scared of hiding. She is not only feeling fear for herself, but for her family, and the others in the Annex.
This quote shows that Anne is scared that the Nazis are coming to get her, and her family.

There are many different emotions throughout the Anne Frank play. One emotion that really stuck out to us is fear. It was a part of the Frank's, the VanDaan's, and Mr. Dussel. There were many reasons to experience fear. Some of the reasons were: the war, arguments, and parents fearing for children.
Reason #2
This quote shows that Anne is scared that they might get caught for staying in the annex, because she thinks that someone knows they are hiding.
Reason #3
On page 36, Mrs. Frank said, “Every time I hear that sound my heart stops!”
Reason #4
Similarly to the previous quote, it shows that Mrs. Frank is under constant stress and is always scared.

Quote #5
Quote #6
Reason #6
On page 87, Mrs. Frank said, “We’re all of us hungry! I see the children getting thinner and thinner! Your own son Peter… I’ve heard him moan in his sleep, he’s so hungry! And you come in the night and steal food that should go to them… to the children!”

This quote shows that Mrs. Frank is angry and Mr. Van Daan for stealing food. But the deeper purpose for this quote is that Mrs. Frank is fearing for the children that they are not getting enough food.
On page 21, Anne (voice) said, "I only know it's funny never to be able to go outdoors... never breathe fresh air... never to run and shout and jump. It;s the silence in the night that frightens me the most."

Reason #5
This quote shows that while hiding, she is scared of not ever being able to do the things normal grade school girls do.
Quote #8
On page 35, Mrs. Frank said, “I’m not afraid that anyone is going to walk all over you, Anne. I’m afraid for other people, that you’ll walk on them.”

Reason #8
This quote shows that Mrs. Frank is scared that Anne won’t be mature enough to realize that she treats people unfairly.
On page 62, Mr. Dussel says "Thanks to this clumsy fool, there's someone who knows we're up here! Someone now knows we're up here hiding!"
Quote #7
Reason #7
This quote
shows the same
way as the previous quote that Mr. Dussel is angry, but the reason he is angry is because he is fearing that someone now knows that they are hiding.

Quote #9
Quote 10
On page 49, Anne said, “Oh, Pim. I dreamed that they came to get us! The Green Police! They broke down the door and grabbed me and started to drag me out the way they did Jopie. “
Reason #10
This quote shows that Anne is constantly fearing of being taken away to a concentration camp. She is thinking about even when she goes to sleep.

On page 59, the narrator said, “There is a sudden crash of something falling below. They all freeze in horror, motionless, straining to hear.”

Quote 11
This quote shows that everyone was scared that someone was coming.

Reason #9
On page 7, “Then things got very bad for the Jews. We had to wear yellow stars.”
Reason #11
By: Jianna, Elise, & Harrison
Anne relates the background reasons she and her family are hiding in the attic. The Holocaust was starting and it bringing fear into the Jews. They had to wear yellow stars of David to help the Nazi’s identify they are Jewish. Which makes them obvious Jewish targets filled with fear.
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