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My Favorate Haunted Locations


Tim Kinsella

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of My Favorate Haunted Locations

Haunted Locations By Tim Kinsella #10
Cashtown Inn PA The inn was investigated by TAPS
They considered it haunted and got a videotape of
poltergeist activity
LaLaurie House New Orleans
Mme Lalaurie, left her home with her
husband, they chained their slaves to the wall and left. While they were gone the house set on fire. All the inside of the building was destroid but the building remained intact. Lalaurie moved to France and never returned to the house, atleast, not alive. In 1999 a strange face appeared on the wall.
The face had fadded onto the wall overnight.
It was soon confermed that the face was Mme Lalaurie #8
Sachs Bridge Gettysburg PA Another of the most haunted places in Gettysburg
is Sachs Bridge. Sachs Bridge is a covered bridge that spans a small creek called Marsh Creek located about 100 yards off Millerstown Road. In June 1996, a storm hit the area, and the original bridge was destroyed. However, it has since been rebuilt using many of the original materials. The bridge has been closed to traffic since the '60s, and is a favorite location for those looking for evidence of hauntings.

According to legend, three confederate soldiers deserted their unit and, once captured, were hung from Sachs Bridge. Carolyn Hughes captured an interesting EVP at Sachs Bridge that seems to be the voice of someone saying, "Guilty." Do the three confederate soldiers still haunt Sachs Bridge long after their deaths, or are their reported hangings merely unsubstantiated rumor? #7
The Lincoln Theater, located on North Main Street in downtown Decatur, is one of only two of the city's grand theaters that remain standing today. It opened in 1916 with a large seating capacity and a sprawling stage. It was a labyrinth, and remains so today, with its mezzanine, high balcony, basements and sub-cellars. The theater holds many secrets, and according to some, many ghosts.

The theater was not the first building to stand on the site that it now occupies in downtown Decatur. Aside from frontier construction by the early settlers, the first real building on the site was the Priest Hotel. W.S. Crissey opened it on the northwest corner of the Old Square in 1860, although it was completed and operated for many years by Franklin Priest. In 1880, Riley Deming took over the establishment and changed its name to the New Deming. It was later purchased by Augustine Wait and in 1892; he changed the name to the Arcade Hotel. Eight years later, he would remodel, expand, and call it the Decatur & Arcade Hotel. There was a horrible fire in 1904, which destroyed the building, but it was rebuilt on the same site a short time later. It was in 1915 however, when disaster struck.

On April 21, 1915, a spectacular fire broke out and destroyed the hotel, claiming two lives and damaging several of the surrounding structures. The blaze was believed to have started because of some oily rags that were left near the hotel’s boiler. A night watchman discovered them smoldering and tried to put them out, but was driven back by thick smoke that began churning from the refuse. The blaze quickly spread and while all of the fire equipment in the city arrived on the scene within minutes, smoke was soon billowing from the lower windows. Water began to be pumped from the trucks but because the smoke was to thick to enter the basement, the firefighters had no idea of the exact location of the fire. It was said that a roar came up from the crowd assembled in Lincoln Square when the first flames appeared. The Lincon Theater #6
St. Louis, Missouri #5
Most prisoners never saw the light of day again.
The some jail cells were in the floor
Other rooms were pitch black and less then 5 feet
Prisoners would spend decades in these locations, never let out
Most went crazy
Others begged for death, to be killed by the guards
Eastern State Penitentiary #3
Rolling Hills Asylum #2
Waverly Hills Sanatorium #1 DISNEY WORLD Pictures of Old Jack Some haunted rides dont just have fake ghosts, recordings from visiter camras show things in and around rides that are not by Disney My Favorite
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