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Present progressive with future meaning

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Fatima-Zahra Ajjoul

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Present progressive with future meaning

 I’m having dinner with friends tonight.
  She’s meeting David at the train station tomorrow.
  He isn’t coming to the party.
  We aren’t seeing our family this weekend.

  What are you doing on Saturday?
  Is Mary arriving at 7:00 or 8:00 tomorrow morning?
Let's practise!
tonight, tomorrow, this weekend
next week/month/year
this summer/fall/winter/spring
on Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/etc.
next Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/etc.

with future meaning

Present progressive
You can use the present continuous to talk about the future, in the case of arrangements that are planned:

You can use the present continuous for future plans with these words:
Exercise1. Say if the Present Continuous expresses present or future.
Exercise 2: Copy and complete the chart with the time expressions in the box. You can use some of them with both present and future meaning.
a. It’s eight o’clock, Meg. Are you getting ready for school? _____
b. What time are Paul and Paula coming for dinner tonight? _____
c. Why are you laughing? ____
d. Where’s Jim? He’s taking the dog out for a walk. __
e. What are you doing after school? ____
f. Are you enjoying the lesson? ____
g. She is working late next Friday? _____
Exercise 3: A friend of yours is planning to go on holiday soon. You ask her about her plans. Use the words in brackets to make your questions.

You: (WHERE / GO) Where are you going?
Friend: Scotland.

You: (HOW LONG / GO FOR) How long __________ for?
Friend: Ten days.

You: (WHEN / LEAVE) When ___________ ?
Friend: Next Friday.

You: (GO /ALONE)  _______________alone?
Friend: No, with a friend.

You: (TRAVEL / BY CAR) ___________ by car?
Friend: No, by train. 
You: (WHERE / STAY) Where ____________?
Friend: In a hotel.

Exercise 4: Tom wants you to visit him, but you are very busy. Look at your diary for the next few days and explain to him why you can't come.

MON volleyball 7.30
TUE work late (till 9pm)
WED theatre
THU meet Julie 8pm
Tom: Can you come on Monday evening?
You: Sorry, but  __________ volleyball.
Tom: What about Tuesday evening then?
You: No, not Tuesday. ____________,  late, until 9 o'clock.
Tom: And Wednesday evening?
You: No, because __________ to the theatre on Wednesday.
Tom: Well, are you free on Thursday?
You: I'm afraid not.  ____________Julie at 8 o'clock on Thursday.

Exercise 5: Ask about people's arrangements. Use the present continuous.
What …........................................ (you / do) this evening?
What are you doing this evening?

What time ____________ (you / leave) ?
 (you / play) __________tennis this afternoon?
When  _____________(your friends / arrive) ?
______________ (you / go out) this evening?
When ___________ (John and Liz / get married)?

Exercise 6: Put the verbs between brackets in the present continuous.
1. I _________ (go) to the supermarket tomorrow.
2. My sister _________ (give) me her car when
she gets her new one.
3. We _________ (have) a barbecue on Sunday.
4. All my friends _________ (come) to my party next week.
5. We _________ (take) my niece to Aquapark later today.
6. The train _________ (leave) in ten minutes.
7. We _________ (go) to the zoo tomorrow.
8. On Friday I _________ (go) to Rob´s party.
9. My teacher _________ (go) to school tomorrow.
10. Rhonda _________ (stay in) on Friday.

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