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Before we were free

No description

Jasmine Hickson

on 7 December 2013

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Transcript of Before we were free

Before we were free
Plot Summary
A theme for the novel would be, " A courageous journey to becoming free, " because throughout the novel Anita and her family wanted their country to be free, so her uncle and dad sacrificed themselves in a civil war to kill their dictator El Jefe, in order for their freedom to take into effect. In the end their long journey was a success.
Biographical Information about Julia Alvarez
Julia Alvarez lived in the Dominican Republic until the age of ten, when she immigrated to the United States with her parents. She now lives in Vermont, where she is a write-in-residence at Middlebury college.
By: Julia Alvarez
By: Jasmine Hickson
Anita’s Papi and Tio Toni are dead, because they have killed their country’s dicator El Jefe. Anita and her family is finally Free!

Another invasion happened at the family home, so Anita and Mami are living with the Mancini’s waiting on a response from Tio Toni and Papi, so they can find out what has happen with the plot.

The disappearance of Tio Toni, who is part of the plot.

The SIM’s are invading Anita’s Family Home, in search for clues or leads, to a plot of killing their dictator El Jefe

Dominican Republic 1960
Character’s Description
At School/Compound


Rising Action

Falling Action



Setting (place and time)
Dominican Republic in 1960
The United States
New York (Queens and Bronx)
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