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Roman Empire

No description

Laura Banach

on 29 May 2015

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Transcript of Roman Empire

Roman Empire

Some of the reasons that the Roman senators killed Julius Caesar were that he declared himself dictator and that the senators thought that he was going to declare himself as king of Rome.

Some of the reasons that many citizens were opposed to Caesar's assassination were because he made many reforms that improved people's lives.
Extent of the Roman Empire
Death of Julius Caesar
Answer to #3 is in video
The Pax Romana was a remarkable period in Rome's history because it was a time of peace and Rome's empire was united.
The Early Empire
The Roman system for seating people in the Colosseum was similar to the way people are seated at modern sports events because the wealthier people sat much closer to the front than the less wealthier people who sat towards the back of the stadium/colosseum.
Social Rank in the Empire
Life differed for people in the three social classes because the people in the slaves class had less advantages than people in the elite class. People in the elite class were very much wealthier than people in the slaves class because people in the slaves class were often not so wealthy and often poor.
The Romans could improve their social status by improving their social classes with the amount of money that the people in each of the classes have the same amount and equal rights.
Daily life in Ancient Rome
Roman House
The housing of the rich compared to the poor housing because the rich had plumbing in their homes and the poor did not. The rich houses included much more than the poor homes.
The Roman girls learned about home management and Roman boys learned about becoming soldiers.
Public Bath
Circus Maximus
The eruption of Mt. Vesuvius impacted historians' knowledge of life in ancient Rome because it disrupted and destroyed so many artifacts and it delayed them from learning more about the Romans.

The emperors of Rome entertained the poor people by giving money away to citizens of Rome on special occasions. They also gave food to the poor citizens including wheat to male citizens on a regular basis.
The Romans believed that they had been able to build their empire and find peace because they had kept their gods happy. They also had many gods, in fact they had a god for every act and event in their lives.
Jupiter- Roman
Neptune the Roman god
Roman Economy
Roman trade routes
Some important products of the Roman economy are manufacturing plants, lumber, clothing, and household goods. These products were important because the poor people of Rome could not afford a variety of clothing as the rich people of Rome could. The manufacturing plants were important because they might have employed thousands of workers.
Roman farming was so poor because all of the slaves worked for hours at a time in the fields and four out of five people in Rome worked on farms. The Roman farming methods were not very advanced and due to that, the crops were small and many people were needed to work the land.
The Romans needed to import grain because it was needed for the people of the cities as well as the army legions throughout the empire.
Roman agriculture
Roman merchant ship
The End

By Laura Banach
Cady Stevens and
Jack Cicero
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