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Floriene Stettheimer

Dada art movement

Susan Clausen

on 3 May 2010

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Transcript of Floriene Stettheimer

1871-1944 Floriene Stettheimer influence of formal training
Cathedrals on Broadway - wheres waldo parents were wealthy jewish elite
one and only show- zero sales developed her style once she quit studying formally art came easily for 15 years after that naturally interested in art history & museum art spent a majority of her childhood in Europe The 97th mayor of NYC tribute Florine, we would live inside your colors! Red joy,
golden rushes of hope, the 1929 we will never see.
Names of radiant theaters flame your sky – RIALTO – ROXY –
citizens mingling in pearls, top hats, inside a glittering flare.
Where have they gone? a ticket booth waits like a small domed mosque.
An usher – or is he a policeman ? – wearing white gloves and yellow cape
pivots between welcome and EXIT. Even the mayor looks smart.
Frills and flgs, banners, tiny dancing sprites . . .
You painted the flurry and flux,
abundant addresses of Broadway welcoming crowds.
I like the fanfare, the dreamy dazzle, canopies of light!

Florine, the early 20th century chimed like a chord,
but we are hobblers at the millennium, cleaning out our drawers,
nothing looks enough like you.
The age of gracious penmanship was yours.
Balance your globe on tipsy clock,
lift the darkness with arches and stars.
And ever, ever, a roped-off fluted SILENCE at the center.
Take us where you were and where you are. 1892 started studying @ art students league in New York The World, Staring at You
by Naomi Shihab Nye from silence to talking who is the man? 1919 Art is spelled with a capital A
And capital also backs it
Ignorance also makes it sway
The chief thing is to make it pay
In a quite dizzy way
Hurrah-Hurrah- driven by passion crystal flowers not $ tidbit: In 1929 The Museum of Modern Art opens in NYC 1929 "Cézanne, Gauguin, Seurat and van Gogh" at the new Museum of Modern Art in New York City attracts 47,000 visitors. Edward Hopper painted Chop Suey aspiring actor and talented musician fond of saying: "i refeuse to live by the clock" James "Jimmy" Walker one of the cities most colorful mayors Wallstreet crashes Popeye the comic debuted The academy awards began 7-up was invented constructed 37 years into career & 15 years before her death
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