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"I WOULD RATHER DIE" The incredible true story of Frederick

No description

Erin Randazzo

on 9 May 2014

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Transcript of "I WOULD RATHER DIE" The incredible true story of Frederick

"I WOULD RATHER DIE" The incredible true story of Frederick Douglass
Turn to P. 19 in your Scholastic Scope. Study the photograph and read the caption. What is your reaction?

How do you think this photo may have affected people who saw it when it was first circulated?
Let's look at some of the unfamiliar vocab before we read.
Let's read "The Horror of Slavery" on p. 18 of your Scholastic Scope!
Let's choose parts for the play!
Now that we have our cast, let's read the play. Turn to p. 20 in your Scope.
Let's watch this clip to learn about Frederick Douglass before we read "I Would Rather Die"
Complete the "Close Reading Questions with your group.
Complete the "Close Reading Questions" and the "Critical Thinking Questions" with your group.
Now, it's time to review literary elements with the beach ball.
How does the theme of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech relate to the themes of "I Would Rather Die" and "The Horrors of Slavery"?
Quiz Time!! :)
Each group will get a different sheet- identifying narrative elements in the play. You need to identify all of the narrative elements on your sheet, and get ready to share what you discovered with the class.
Choose your CELEBRATION!!! :)
Good Try!
My Little Pony
Regular Classes- Written Response

Why was reading important to Frederick Douglass? Support your answer with details from the play.
Advanced Classes- Written Response

Why did slave owners want to prevent slaves from reading? What did they fear would happen if slaves could read and had access to reading materials? Use details from both "The Horror of Slavery" and "I Would Rather Die" to support your answer.
Dancing Cat
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