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Karen Simmons

on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of NORTH East

Every state in the Northeast region has four seasons. The Northeast region keeps the weather men busy with snowy winters, rainy springs, and hot, wet summers.
Quick fact,
The North East region has 104 congressional
districts.The North East region also has 32 historical sites.
There are many different landforms in the northeast region.
There are millions of animals. Here are just a few, white-tailed deer,racoons, barn owls, and eagles.
New Jersey Devil
North East
The North East region
contains New York,Pennsylvania,
New Jersey,Massachusetts,Rhode
Island ,Connecticut,Maine,Delaware
,Maryland,Vermont,and New Hampshire.

Did you know Rhode Island is the smallest state in the USA!
Some tourist spots in the Northeast region are
The Statue of Liberty ,Lucy the Elephant ,the Pine Barons , the boardwalk , and the beach, just to name a few.

The Appalachian Mountains are among the oldest mountains in the world. They span through most of the states in the Northeast. Some scientist use to think that this mountain range use to soar miles high in to the sky. Now weathering has lowered them down.
here are some maps of the northeast
Northeast Animals
By: Mary,Dalton,Bowie,and Alex
The Pine Baron is a large forest.Some believe its home to the New Jersey Devil.
The North East Reigon has millions of plants some are...anemone syvestris wind flower,sweet autumn clematis,and the spring symphony foam flower.
Washington Crossing
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