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Chile Earthquake

By Indiana Rubin-Tasic and Levi Brett

IndiCara Shielsin-Tasic

on 12 November 2012

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Transcript of Chile Earthquake

By Indiana Rubin-Tasic & Levi Brett The 1960 Valdivia Earthquake Introduction The 1960 Valdivia Earthquake or the Great Chilean Earthquake was the largest earthquake ever recorded in Earth's history. It not only damaged Chile, but also damaged the United States, Japan and the Philippines. Where did it Occur? As it's name says, the Valdivia Earthquake happened near Valdivia in Southern Chile. When did it occur? The Valdivia Earthquake struck Chile on May 22, 1960 at 7:11:14pm. What was the Richter Scale Reading? The Valdivia Earthquake rated a 9.5 on the Richter Scale. What was the Modified Mercalli scale level? The Valdivia was an XI on the Modified Mercalli scale which means it was Extreme. People in Hawaii, Japan, Philippines, the west coast of the United States and southern Chile were affected by the Earthquake. Who was affected? The Damage Caused by the Valdivia Earthquake ~Approximately 1,655 killed.
~ 3,000 injured.
~ 2,000,000 homeless
~ $560 million of damage in Southern Chile
~ Tsunami caused 61 deaths
~ $75 million of damage in Hawaii
~ 138 deaths in Japan
~ $50 million damage in Japan
~ 32 dead & missing in Philippines
~ $500,000 damage to west coast of the U.S. .
What caused the Earthquake? The ongoing collision of the Nazca plate and the South American plate caused the Valdivia Earthquake. http://geology.com/records/largest-earthquake/




www.ask.com/ Bibliography By Indiana Rubin-Tasic and Levi Brett The End
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