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the computer hardware

prezi by zak hardware by Lewis

Zak Watson

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of the computer hardware

The History of The Computer In this presentation I will show you the inner workings of a desktop computer. The Graphics card is where almost all you see on the computer screen is the responsibility of the graphics card as pictured here.

In a normal computer the graphics card has a million pixels at it's disposal. These pixels are what visually make a computer work. Where to get the computer parts? The motherboard forms the base of the hardware of the computer. It is where some of the computer's most rudimentary parts are placed. Conclusion In conclusion the computer is a highly complex piece of machinery with an intricate system of electrical systems, computer chips, and the tangling assortment of wires. To the untrained eye it is a complex labyrinth of human ingenuity. To the trained eye though the computer is simply a metal box aligned with a motherboard, a hard drive or two, a CPU, a RAM and a few neatly assorted wires to connect everything together. The Motherboard The inner workings of a computer The hardware... When the average person looks at the inside of a computer they probably think "How out of this sea of wires with a bedrock of microchips can a computer work." Well, I am here to tell you about the...

The parts of the computer
The people and the inventions that helped make the computer possible.
The video of my group taking apart a computer. The Central Processing Unit The processing unit is the brain of the computer. It is made up of thousands of transistors which are little bits of machinery. There is also a fan that is used to help cool down the "CPU". There is a picture of a fan on the right side as you can see here. Graphics Card Random Access Memory The program systems data is stored in the R.A.M of a computer. Ram is what runs the operating system and the binary code. Binary Code After you have successfully created the computer and turned it on the computer will automatically show the user (you) a series of zeros and ones. The Hard Drive The "Hard Drive" is a memory unit that holds downloads and a normal computer today can hold two hard drives. This is because you use the first hard drive for setting up the computer and the second hard drive is used for extra space. The computer was created in 1936 by Conrad Zuse. He invented the first programmable computer.

The transistor was invented in 1947 and was invented by John Bardeen, Walter Britain and William Shockley.

In 1964 the computer mouse and windows were invented.
In 1969 the internet was invented and it was called "ARPAnet". ARPAnet stood for advanced research project network.

In 1971 the floppy disc was invented. The original floppy disc was 200mm in diameter.

In 1976 the first consumer computers were introduced to the public.

In 1979 the first word processing applications were created. Bibliography http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Personal_computer_hardware





http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Floppy_disk The best place to get computer parts is online on different shopping websites. The different websites sell everything from the hollow shell to the CPU. When you do shop for computer parts you should look for parts that are compatible with the hollow shell of your computer. Also set a price range for parts and make a list of the different parts you need. The Power Supply The power supply of a computer is very important as it is the heart of the computer and without it there is no computer. There is a picture of a power supply provided. My team has created a fast motion 1 minute 12 second video on my team disassembling a computer. The modern computer Today, we almost take the computer for granted but we must not forget the contributions that were made to it along the way in little less than a century. In a relatively short time the computer has evolved from being a digital typewriter to providing us with access to a world of information that far outreaches any museum or library in the world. What makes this era the computer era. The computer has always had an impact on the way we see technology whether in a big way or a small way. Today the computer makes a bigger impact than ever as it is used by millions every second, whether to write E-mails, surf the web, listen to music or to do all at once. Overview When the separate parts of the computer are connected together they produce a working computer. A short video on the computer
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