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Soul Kitchens

No description

John Swarbrick

on 11 December 2012

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Transcript of Soul Kitchens

...."out of the box" but never out of a box! Soul Kitchens Soul Kitchen is ........ Let JWS Woodworking and Design Help get you started on your
Soul Kitchen Journey
today... an idea that great cabinetry doesn't come out of a box....
a belief that being environmentally responsible can be cost neutral
a promise that truly custom means you actually get what you need AND what you want...
is ready to bring some "Soul" to your home.... Soul Kitchen is here! Soul Kitchen is NOW..... Soul Kitchen is YOU! by: JWS Woodworking and Design Inc. Soul Kitchen is a new way to think about the cabinets you put into your home.... Soul Kitchen is a fresh way to think about the design process, the building methods and the installation experience that you, the client should enjoy when renovating.... soul Kitchen is all about YOU! A Soul Kitchen is GOOD for you... made from materials that are 100% recyclable
100% free of carcinogenic formaldehyde glue
designed to be re-used never land fill bound A Soul Kitchen is TRULY custom.... Soul Kitchen starts with a visit to your home and invites you to ours to "visit" your cabinets before and after they are made from scratch

any depth
any height
any style
built in
stand alone
A Soul Kitchen is HEALTHY... made from solid wood and solid wood veneer core sheet goods called "PureBond"
a "Soul Kitchen" never has nasty formaldehyde based glues or fixatives like most other cabinet materials contain
a "Soul Kitchen" has pre-finished Maple interiors that off gas zero VOC's, never cheaper melamine covered particle core or MDF. The only "style" to pick is YOUR style! Solid wood and veneer core cases. Reclaimed hardwood floors Water based glues
pre-finished Maple interiors standard in all cabinets
no MDF or Particle Core
low-no VOC emission finishes
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