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District 6 Budget Briefing

How the City of San Diego Fiscal Year 2017 Budget impacts District 6 residents

Jenna Harris

on 15 May 2017

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Transcript of District 6 Budget Briefing

District 6
Budget Briefing

Neighborhoods First
Commitment to Roads
The Mayor has committed to paving 1,000 miles of roads over the next five years, including 380 miles in FY17.
District 6 Fiscal Year 2017 Allocations
Installation of D6 Street Lights
Kearny Mesa Road & Magnatron Blvd. (North Corner)
Kearny Mesa Road East & Magnatron Blvd. (North Side)
Mira Mesa Blvd., Northeast of Oberlin Drive (South Side)
Magnatron Blvd., North of Kearny Mesa Road (East Side)
Mt. Alifan Drive, East of Genessee Ave. 205' (South Side)
Mt. Alifan Drive, East of Genessee Ave. 545' (South Side)
Mt. Alifan Drive, East of Genessee Ave. (South Side)
New V-Calm Signs
Balboa Arms Drive between Derrick Drive and Mount Abernathy Avenue
Balboa Avenue between Clairemont Drive and Mount Culebre Avenue
Limerick Avenue between Clairemont Mesa Drive and Lerher Drive
Mt. Acadia Blvd. between Mt. Alifan Drive and Acworth Avenue
Transportation & Storm Water
Clairemont Mesa Storm Drain Replacement
Americans With Disabilities
Clairemont Mesa Installation of Curb Ramps
Pipeline Rehabilitation $43 Million Total
New Salem Street
Parkdale Avenue
Sandy Hook Road
Amantha Avenue
Calico Street
Landon Place
Blyth Road
Osoyoos Place
Smithers Court
Janice Court
Hillery Drive
Jade Coast Drive
Corvus Place
Westonhill Drive
Clairemont Senior Center
$105,000 in bridge funding to keep the center open until a new operator is selected
D6 Street Repaving
284 streets will be completely paved in FY17
253 streets will receive Slurry Seal
31 streets will receive AC Overlay
Two-Thirds of streets included in FY17 Budget Priority Memo will be repaved in FY17

What is the CIP?
The Capital Improvement Program is the City's
long-term plan for investing in public facilities & infrastructure such as road repair, storm drain systems, public utilities, & sidewalks.
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