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Karmela Kokanovic

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of DIVERGENT:

Venture 150 years into the future of Chicago where society is split into five factions. Follow the story of 16-year-old Beatrice who is trying to find out who she is and what she is. She finds out that she is Divergent and she decides to chose Dauntless, the warrior faction. There she will find new friends: Christina, Will and Al, new enemies, challenges, fears and a handsome and tough instructor Four that soon becomes her first love. Tris will soon experience friendship, love, happiness, sorrow and trust.
Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance
Author: Veronica Roth
The Factions
There are five factions to choose from: Dauntless, Amity, Abnegation, Candor and Erudite.
Dauntless: The Brave
Abnegation: The Selfless
Amity: The Peaceful
Candor: The Honest
Erudite: The Intelligent
ERUDITE: The Intelligent
Erudite are the intelligent faction basically the brains of the five factions. This faction is Abnegation's enemy and they insist that they should be the governing faction. The resistance of Erudite is lack of knowledge. "Knowledge is power." So much said if you know how to use it. I don't think that Erudite should be referred to as evil and simply that in this faction your intelligence is expanded. In all factions you need to be smart in the sense of how you need to use knowledge. The eye represents curiosity, the thirst of knowledge to know more than all.
Dauntless are the warrior faction, protectors of the factions. These guys value bravery and discredit fear. " We believe in ordinary acts of bravery that drive one person to stand up for another." Another amazing manifesto that should inspire others to do the right thing. This faction is pretty cool obsessed with military exercises including physical combat and mind exercises meaning fear simulations. They guard the fence which is supposed to keep intruders out. But also they have fun playing games like Capture the Flag and getting tattoos. The flame represents the bravery when someone stands up for another.
CANDOR: The Honest
Candor is the faction that values honesty and discredits lying. These are the lawyers and judges of the factions. They pretty much say anything that comes to their heads."You have no filter. You say the first thing that comes to your head." " Mean, like you're an idiot?" So basically brace yourself if you choose this faction because them saying all that makes them seem like idiots. They are trained to tell the truth always and during initiation are injected with truth serum every day so that they aren't lying. Also they can tell if you lie or not. But it is not their fault in a way because it is what their faction is asking of them and that is what is required. Only though telling the truth should be in honestly needed situations not in everyday life for even the smallest of reasons. The scale represents truth and justice.
Amity are the peaceful faction, never wanting to get involved in conflict. But they don't have a leader meaning everyone has a voice. This faction blames aggression. So everybody here is all smiles and happiness all the time. “Then give freely, trusting that you will also be given what you need.” Now this is a good example of kindness in the sense that in this faction you need to be kind. As in all factions something is required you also need a sense to be using the other faction virtues in order to become the faction you want like kindness. The tree represents agriculture but also peace.
ABNEGATION: The Selfless
Abnegation is the selfless faction, the governing faction. They reject vanity and selfishness." My mother says there is an art in losing yourself." Our heroine originates from this faction. They are public servants meaning they help each other and even taking on the job of feeding the factionless. That is why they are the governing faction. To be honest they are the dullest of factions with the dresscode being gray only. Plus how can they can stand each other? If one insists on something and the other does too which is basically a waste of time. Someone just do something already! It will save millions of minutes that were wasted. Also this should be the retirement faction for old people including factionless and crazy old Dauntless grandmas and grandpas that still believe they are young. The hands represent the support and love that the Abnegation show towards others.
Meet The Characters
Beatrice 'Tris' Prior
Tris Prior is a 16-year-old Divergent Abnegate that choses Dauntless. She wants to find out who she is and what she is capable of doing. The young heroine realizes that in order to be brave she has to be selfless and to be selfless she has to be brave. When she becomes a Dauntless initiate Tris finds new friends also tranfers: Christina and Al both from Candor and Will who comes from Erudite. Tris also comes across new enemies: Molly, Peter, Drew and several more. But during her training her instructor Four becomes more and more of a distraction to her when she realizes she fell in love with him.
Tobias 'Four' Eaton
Caleb Prior
Caleb Prior is Tris' brother that is also 16 but 10 months older. He originates from Abnegation and chose Erudite but Caleb never passed through initiation. He told Tris that Erudite is planning to overthrow Abnegation so they become the governing faction. On a mission to figure out where the simulation was being controlled from he along with Tris, his father, Andrew and Marcus Eaton go to Dauntless headquarters. When they get to the compound his father dies after trying to get several Dauntless shot away from the guarded door. Caleb starts to cry and grieve for his father. Then he meets up again with Tris and Four to catch a train to Amity headquarters.
Tobias Eaton is a mysterious, quiet and elusive type of guy. He is Tris' instructor and soon becomes her boyfriend. He gets his nickname for having four fears: heights, claustrophobia, killing innocents and his father that is like 60 years old (possibly he used an aging potion). During her initiation Tobias becomes really gentle and shows signs of him liking her like when he chose her first for Capture the Flag or when he stroked her hair away so gently as he injected the serum into her neck. Quite the fighter too he also has a back tattoo going from half his neck to the bottom of his spine with all the factions starting with Dauntless and ending with Amity. Despite being a tough guy love softened him.
Natalie Prior
Natalie Prior is Tris and Caleb's mother. She was a Dauntless that turned to Abnegation. Natalie is also Divergent like Tris. She came to Tris at the delivery station after the first stage of initiation. She warns her daughter that she can't tell anyone about her divergence despite the fact that Tris' instructor found out. When the day after Initiation Day comes to life Abnegation is attacked by Dauntless soldiers that are being controlled by an attack simulation taking orders from a device that was created by Erudite's leader Jeanine Matthews. Natalie isn't in her home when Tris and Four come to inspect. Just when Tris is about to get executed she comes to the rescue shooting Tris' soon to be executioners. As Natalie and Tris speed through alleys and wide open streets they come across plenty of Dauntless soldiers that may as well be 'mindless drones' that they have to shoot in order to get to Minrowan state. When Tris shoots Will her mother comforts her but as they continue Natalie is shot in the hip only to make it to another alley. Then her hip really bleeds a lot and dies in Tris' arms.
Andrew Prior
Andrew Prior is the father of Tris and Caleb but he is also a council member working alongside Marcus Eaton, Four's father. He is the spouse of Natalie Prior and he originates from Erudite and was a friend to Jeanine Matthews. Andrew is a gentle person in the sense that he cared about his children even though they left him in Abnegation alone with his wife. When Tris enters the dusty old factory he recognizes his daughter and embraces her when he realizes Natalie is dead. After entering Dauntless headquarters the little group including him sneak around the almost empty hallways they spot Dauntless soldiers guarding a door. Andrew strokes his daughter and takes a gun then starts to shoot at them but only to be shot as well in the process when he dies. When he does Caleb is at his side grieving but Tris only stares traumatized now that he is gone too.
Christina is Tris' best friend and a Dauntless initiate that came from Candor. She develops a relationship with Will one of her friends and fellow initiates. Christina is supportive to Tris as a friend and even intervenes at what Al did to her. But when attacking the Abnegation she was in full loss of control of herself that she doesn't realize or know that she is killing innocent people. Luckily Tris gets Jeanine to shut the program down to stop the Dauntless killing the Abnegation.
Will is one of Tris' other friends, also a Dauntless initiate from Erudite. He is Christina's boyfriend. Will passes through initiation and he gets injected with an attack simulation. Tris tries to call to him when she and her mother, Natalie are trying to get to Minrowan state. But as he doesn't respond saying he is not a Divergent he only shoots at her. Tris continues to call out to him but she ends up shooting him and killing him. But Tris still feels really bad and sorry for what she did as he was her friend and knowing Christina, she'd be heartbroken that her boyfriend is dead.
Al is a former friend of Tris also friends with Will and Christina. He comes from Candor like Christina herself and is an initiate. During initiation he is afraid of getting stabbed by an airborne knife. Tris feels sympathy for him and willingly speaks up and voluntarily takes Al's place. He passes the first stage of initiation landing at 21 and Tris at 20. When they start fear simulations one day after Tris arrives from Erudite headquarters she is walking down a hallway when three masked guys attack her. They are Peter, Drew and most surprising, Al her own friend. Luckily Four comes along and beats the three troublemakers off. The next day Al begs for forgiveness from Tris realizing something is very wrong with him and his mistake. When Tris says that he is a coward he backs away and walks out of the dining hall. Al then commits suicide by throwing himself in the chasm. Only then Tris realizes she shouldn't have been so hard on him.
Peter is Tris' nemesis a cruel initiate from Candor. His sidekicks are Molly and Drew. During initiation Peter is a constant threat and bully to Tris as he tries to get at her. When he fights her though Tris legit hits his jugular which he totally deserved. Though he still wins by beating her up even harder to get her out of Dauntless. After stage one again he threatens her this time with abusive force along with Al and Drew to throw her in the chasm. Four saves her knocking Peter and his buddy sidekicks out. So it's like saying Four beats up all three of them and all they were able to do is stand up and do a little karate fighting to show off, I am somewhat stronger than you but I still fail. When its Erudite vs. Abnegation Peter is in the compound guarding the hallway and he is awake meaning he wasn't injected with the attack simulation. He says that Tris won't shoot him but she still does for some reason everyone she meets against thinks she won't underestimating her. He shows her the control room where the simulation is being controlled from. After the simulation is deactivated he escapes with a small group to Amity.
Jeanine Matthews
Jeanine Matthews is the leader of Erudite one smart, arrogant, old and not exactly deceiving scientist and antagonist. She is also Tris' nemesis more like rephrasing arch-nemesis. Jeanine is a wise woman like when she told Tris to choose what she wants because she honestly knows herself. Despite that when Tris visits her brother Caleb at Erudite compound as she is about to leave when 2 guards stop her. But Jeanine shouts to Tris and she leads her away to talk. Jeanine tells Tris that faction before blood is an important subject even though it's sometimes hard to let go of family and other loved ones. She also said that she thinks human nature is the enemy which forces us to think of our families which is logically natural. When it came to attacking Abnegation Jeanine took it to Eric, a Dauntless leader and ruthless instructor to the transfer initiates alongside Four. He was Erudite so he possibly couldn't agree more to help her out. She created a simulation to control the Dauntless which Eric sold to everyone as a tracking device but also in a way to expose Divergents. When that day arrived Tris and her boyfriend Four are discovered Divergents and are taken to Jeanine. She decides to take Four for testing and Tris to be executed. When Tris comes to rescue Four he is under a new simulation Jeanine created leaving him totally helpless of control of his own body. Somehow even though he is under Jeanine's control Tris manages to pull him out of the simulation. Then Tris finishes Jeanine off first by throwing a knife into her hand and when Jeanine doesn't shut off the program she sees the cognitive transmitter and injects it into her. Then she commands her again to turn the program off and then Four turns to one control panel to give the command. The program is shut off meaning the Dauntless and her are back as themselves. Jeanine lunges at Tris but then Tris punches her in the jaw and knocks her unconscious.
Eric is a brutal and cruel Dauntless leader who is from Erudite. He is an instructor to the initiates from other factions alongside Four. During training Eric is hard on Tris because he sees that she is very determined and will not shut up. As the training presses on he forces Al to stand in front of the target as Four throws knives at him. But Tris stands up for Al and takes his place. When Four is throwing knives at Tris Eric keeps urging him because his fellow instructor had not hit her yet. Four eventually hits her ear to hide any suspicion that he likes Tris from Eric. After that Eric tells Tris that counted points for bravery. But Eric didn't stop at that, he sets Peter and Tris up to fight and when Peter wins she is knocked out. Seeing that as a chance to get her kicked out of Dauntless he says that she won't be able to continue. But Tris as Tris still catches the train and is able to play Capture the Flag leading the winnning team. When the Erudite attack Abnegation using Dauntless soldiers Tris and Four come across him and Max. Eric stops in front of Four saying that he is legendary but now just a mindless drone which isn't true. Then he starts walking away but then turns back around and he takes out his gun as he points the barrel to Four's forehead. Then he says," Say goodbye ***hole." After that Tris points her gun at the back of his head and Four pints his gun to Max's. Laughing at that Eric says,"The Stiff? Two Stiffs, two dead Stiffs." At that Tris shoots his leg when he says to Four that she won't shoot him. Then Tris and Four run only to be caught.
The Test
When each teen is 16-years-old they undergo a test, the aptitude test that determines their faction. When Tris does the test she finds out her results are inconclusive a.k.a Divergent. Her aptitude test results are all equally proportioned for Erudite, Abnegation and Dauntless. But here is why she got these results, my reasonings her father was from Erudite, her mother was from Dauntless and she was born in Abnegation. The test gives teens a series of choices and that is how they determine the result of what they are and where they belong.
Choosing Ceremony
This is the really important part for all 16-year-old teens because they decide the rest of their lives. They can choose to stay with their faction or leave and become a transfer Even though the test should tell them what to choose tey still have the option of choosing what they want because they honestly know themselves. That line was just quoting what Jeanine said to Tris. Tris and her brother Caleb both choose to leave their old faction. He chooses Erudite and she chooses Dauntless because she was mezmerized by them her whole life. After some hesitation Tris decides between Abnegation and Dauntless.
Tris and the other Dauntless transfers and Dauntless-born start running down stairs and jumping onto a moving train. At this point Tris meets Christina, a Candor girl who becomes her first friend. Then after their little introduction they notice the Dauntless are jumping onto a roof. Nearly just as soon everyone jumps they are the last two to join the rest on the roof. When Tris and Christina settle themselves among the initiates, Eric one of their instructors and the youngest of the Dauntless leaders tells them that the entrance to the compound is through a hole in the building below. Tris volunteers to jump first, after a moment's hesitation and deep breathing she jumps into the unknown landing into a net. She starts to laugh a little half hysteria and the other bit relieved because she just jumped from 70 feet. This is when Four grips his hands onto the edge of the net and pulls off Tris. Their first encounter is brief, as he asks her name but this is the part where their love story begins when they look at each other like "He's hot." and "She's beautiful". When all the initiates have dropped in Tris glances at him and Four gives her a shy smile then bends his head down as if shying it away. Then they are lead to the Pit and to their dormitory. The bathroom is horrible so if you choose this faction bring plenty of cardboard boxes to build a stall to shield yourself. After the transfers get changed into Dauntless black clothing they go to the dining halll for dinner. Tris sits in between Christina and Four. On the other side of the table are Will and Al also transfers from Erudite and Candor. As they start to talk somewhat about their old factions Four says enough with it. Then Tris steps up in asking if he was a transfer or Dauntless-born. Four takes it as an oppurtunity to back her down but then when he tells Tris how does she have authority to talk to him, Tris becomes baffled a little but then turns onto him saying that he is really approachable. Then they just stare at each other like a staring competition. Christina says at that Tris really has a death wish but if you ask me Tris houldn't take it personal as earlier on her friend made a joke about Four's nickname.
Initiation, Stage One
Stage one of Dauntless initiation is physical combat tying down with mental ability to control the actions before doing them. During this stage the transfers and Dauntless-born have to train using guns, throw knives for target practice and more importantly they learn the technique of physical combat which is basically fighting. Tris struggles through this part of initiation as she is small and to quote Four," You're weak. You have no muscle." which I find not necessary to say since she was working herself off the hook with ugly bruises on her knuckles. With that though he gives her plenty of advice. Although she gets knocked out by Peter she manages to hit him in the throat and still gets back on her feet when Capture the Flag comes around the corner. She wakes up out a coma and runs after a train. Eric protests on this but ends up letting her stay for the game and Four chooses Tris first for his team. When they start playing Tris starts climbing the Navy Pier to get a better vantage point but Four as Four goes after her. This is how their relationship develops. He catches her when a rung breaks and they continue up even though his fear of heights kicks in. They manage to spot the flag of Eric's team and they lead out to their opponent's hiding place. Of course Four's team wins but this is actually when things heat up, just a bit in between Four and Tris or as we fans like to call it; a Fourtris moment. After that Tris and some others go ziplining after the game as a "shortcut" back according to Ezra. When Tris and her friends return to the compound, Four calls out to her, congratulating how well she did.
The day after the first rankings went up the Dauntless and all the other factions were at a warehouse type of place where they were placing in sacs. The initiates were there as well, helping out while Christina although helping makes a remark that right after the first stage they have this "amazing" reward. Tris in the mean time has dropped in a bag and turns to the inside of the warehouse. Something shines at her and as well went to check it out. As she goes through the maze of sacs in between two of the crates her mother comes out. After a quick reunion her mother
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