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06.07 Impact of Biotechnology

No description

Valentino G

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of 06.07 Impact of Biotechnology

06.07 Impact of Biotechnology Animal Cloning For Agricultural Purposes The agricultural aplication for cloning animals are breeding, quality, and disease control. When farmers breed animals that exibit traits that are to there liking such as high growth rate and increased milk production; it takes a long time. Now that we have cloning it makes the process faster and more precise which helps farmers increase their yeilds. The quality of the animal is also improved through cloning. Before cloning, farmers used growth hormones but that was often left in product.
For example - "Transgenic cows exist that produce more milk or milk with less lactose or cholesterol, pigs and cattle that have more meat on them, and sheep that grow more wool."

Actiobioscience.org, How do transgenic animals contribute to human welfare?, 2001, http://www.actionbioscience.org/biotech/margawati.html Pros Cons Scientists are also trying to eliminate diseases in animals but are still researching a way o achieve this goal. Pros And Cons Of Using The Biotechnology Purpose of the biotechnology Description of the biotechnology Cloning is the creation of an animal with the same DNA as another animal. My Conclusion In conclusion I feel that this tecnology should be used because it will help improve our society It is expensive and hard to produce viable offspring The animal also can often become highly sick and die By Valentino Gardner
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