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Final exam review

No description

Naama Nagar

on 8 December 2017

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Transcript of Final exam review

1. International political economy -
liberalism, mercantilism, Marxism
2. The role of individuals
3. Political violence -
interstate and intrastate war, terrorism and insurgency 4
. Global governance:
IGOs & UN, international law, NGOs and other non-state actors + how the theories view the role of each of these mechanisms
5. Global Issues:
human rights, poverty and development, globalization
Global Issues
Interstate war
Terrorism and insurgency
Intrastate war
Global Governance
Exam Review
International Political Economy
Readings: Ch. 9
What is IPE?
Three approaches to IPE - liberalism, mercantilism and Marxism
What is comparative advantage?
What are the three economic institutions and their role?
How does international trade work?
Explain the different trade strategies
What is regionalism? know the examples we discussed in class EU, NAFTA, ASEAN
War and Strife
Readings: Ch. 8
Interstate War
How do you define an interstate war?
What are the four categories of war?
How wars are fought?
What are the causes of interstate war at the different levels of analysis?
What are the realist and liberal approaches to managing insecurity?
Terrorism and Insurgency
What is asymmetrical warfare?
What are the key components of the definition of terrorism?
What is the difference between terrorism and insurgency?
Intrastate War
Define civil war
Key theories explaining civil wars
What are the key variables associated with civil wars
Ch. 7 and Ch. 8 pp. 283-287 (just war tradition), Keck and Sikkink
IGOs and the UN
International law
Nonstate actors
IGOs and UN

What role do IGOs play in international relations?
What are UN's basic principles?
Explain the role of the main UN organs
Explain the difference between traditional and complex peacekeeping
How do IR theories view IGOs?
International Law
What is international law?
What are the sources of international law?
How do the IR theories approach international law?
What are Jus Ad Bellum and Jus in Bello?
What is the role of the ICJ?
What is the role of the ICC?
Explain the jurisdiction of both courts
Nonstate Actors
What are NGOs?
What do NGOs do?
How do IR theories view the role NGOs play in world politics?
Explain NGOs strengths and weaknesses
What are TANs?
What is the boomerang effect?
Discuss the role of experts in IR
Since the Midterm...
Poverty and Development
(Ch. 9)
Human Rights
(Ch. 10)

What are the three generations of human rights?
What is cultural relativism in the context of human rights?
What is the international bill of rights?
What role IGOs and NGOs play in monitoring and securing human rights?
What is poverty?
What are the approaches to development?
What are the MDGs and SDGs?
What is the Grameen Bank?
What is globalization?
What are the eras of globalization?
How do we measure globalization?
Describe Fukuyama, Huntington and Barber key arguments
40 questions. 5 T or F and 35 multiple choice
Friday, Dec. 15, 3-5pm

Only REAL emergencies will be considered for a make up exam...do not test my patience.

Late arrivals are permitted, only until the first student submits his/her paper

Human Rights
Poverty and Development
The role of the individual
Readings: Ch. 6
(Ch. 11 pp. 399-418)
1. Key concepts - sustainability, tragedy of the commons
2. The climate change regime
Quick Question
In your opinion, is there a difference between INS 3003 and INR 2002?
A.There is no real difference, taking both courses is redundant
B. There is no real difference, but it is beneficial to take both classes
C. The two courses are different
D. I did not take INR 2002
1. What is the impact of political elites?
2. Describe the Hermann model
3. Information-Processing mechanisms
4. What is the role of private individuals? What is track two diplomacy
5. Theories view of the role of individuals
(Huntington, NO NEED Barber)
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