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Final Presentation

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Hayley Huchton

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Final Presentation

Don't Take Any Bull Kelsey Dean, Amelia Dipprey,
Allie Royder, & Hayley Huchton
in grades 6-10 say they're a victim to bullying every day. 3.2 million kids Target market:
10-13 year olds Research highest rate of suicide
adjusting to a new school environment
bodies are changing
the need to be "cool"

Secondary market:
Parents see them every day
immense impact on their children Campaign plan Goal: keep the parents informed
Fact sheet
Goal: make students aware that
bullying is not okay.
Posters (in the classroom)
Newspaper ad (in school paper) 3 steps to
1. keep students empowered
2.parents are involved "Texas law does NOT identify or address any of the characteristics most often cited as the object of school harassment or bullying..." "Texas law does NOT establish a uniform state school conduct policy..." "Texas law does NOT provide for monitoring or enforcement of independent school district policies..." Currently, Texas have been given a C- for how they handle bullying on campuses. Bully Police USA reported, "If Texas would put out an anti-bullying law, they would get an A." The Bully Suicide Project was started as a result of the suicide of a 13 year old who was a victim to bullying. There are books & other media directed to students to help them deal with bullies.
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