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Moon Over Manifest

No description

Caitlyn N

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of Moon Over Manifest

I lit out on a dark and dreary night.....
Abilene Tucker-Abilene is a young 12 year old girl that finds a cigar box with secrets and uncovers the truth.

Miss Sadie-Miss Sadie is a Hungarian woman that tells the main character Abilene stories from the past.

Jinx- Is a 13 year old boy from the stories Miss Sadie tells and is a troublemaker for many things in Miss Sadie's stories.

Ned- Ned is a teen boy that goes to war and was Jinx's best friend he also played a big part in Miss Sadies stories about the past

Lettie and Ruthanne- Lettie and Ruthanne are cousins that are willing to get in trouble for Abilene and her mysteries.
The solution of
Moon Over Manifest
is that Abilene goes on adventures like spying on other people or going out of town like the forest to see what is going on. Abilene also listens to Miss Sadie's stories about Jinx and Ned back in 1918 little by little at a time.
By: Clare Vanderpool
Vol XCIII, No. 311

Time: The time in
Moon Over Manifest
is in 1936 (present) and in 1918 (past).

Place: The place in
Moon Over Manifest
is in a town named Manifest in the past and in the present.
Moon Over Manifest
The problem in the book
Moon over Manifest
is that

a girl named Abilene Tucker goes to a little town named Manifest and the place she stays at with Shady, her caretaker, has a loose floorboard with a cigar box underneath. Abilene finds letters, charms, and old newspapers, and even secrets from the year 1918.
(Pictures made by Google.)
I would recommend this book to anyone who likes or loves mystery because the book is all about Abilene going to find who is the rattler and she does many specious things. I would also recommend this book because of the little action it has and the unexpected events that come right at you. I enjoyed the book but I also did not at the same time because I'm the type of person who loves action and adventure. I wouldn't say that
Moon Over Manifest
isn't adventure but some parts did not interest me but I would recommend it to other people.
Presentation By: Caitlyn Nguyen
Monday, April 1, 2014
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