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Healthy Cloud

Future smart home project

Shuo-Wen Hsu

on 15 October 2013

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Transcript of Healthy Cloud

Healthy Clou
Home Health Care
Connect with BT
For people who have special diseases, via the Cloud patients can seek out their health data instantly, and connect with hospital when emergency happened. The Cloud will record the data too, to monitor patients' health situation for families cannot pay attention to them all the time.
Special disease
Baby guard
Integrate BT connecting technology and networking system, we can provide a comprehensive health service for parents through the networked wearable health detector transmit child’s physical condition to home devices. Moreover, it will send out a warning to your mobile for example when it detected any abnormal response of babies, such as high temperature, and respiratory arrest, etc.
Diet control
The nation's war on obesity has targeted some fairly obvious culprits, including fast food, fried foods and soda. In our Cloud, it can record the family’s eating habits, to control the nutrient intakes.
Based on our research, we propose healthy cloud. The concept is providing the integration and transmission for NHS and personal health medical. Users through networked device upload their demands, such as the data of blood pressure and cholesterol. BT cloud will process information to hospital, than the hospital analyzed the information to the customer’s health situation.
Through this health cloud system, those people who care health will benefit as well as those families have infants, children, elders and the patients with specific diseases. (e.g. diabetes, autism, cardiopathy and dementia…etc.)
When people use a connective device at home, family doctors can provide professional information, emergency service, medical treatment and personal preference for fitness, exercise and beauty. Besides, people can predict hereditary diseases from their gene, and the couples that are going to marry could have disease prevention and health promotion via the gene data.
Family doctor & Gene
When you traveling alone sometime will have accidents, "so our Cloud will provide an ID card". You do not have to worry about the situation in the tourism, "the Cloud will support the comprehensive services anytime".
BT Future Home Project-Group 1
"Aging presents a variety of medical issues", some avoidable and some not. It is vital that you deal with your illnesses as well as you possibly can. Your choice of the Cloud will determine how well you cope with your medical problems.
Smart Houses are homes designed for security, convenience and comfort. The homes are fully networked, interactive systems, designed with the consumer in mind and provided them with a better home life experience. Within a decade or two, Smart technology will likely be a standard component in new homes, and older homes will be upgraded as wireless components become available.
Network Devices
Health Care
Using the connecting device we can control the tub’s temperature, also it release the sound waves that can check your health data. As the same time the tub and closes tool will get the body information than sand to the general practitioner or hospital.
Health data
The global population structure shows the trend of an aging. The development of the industry of home health care system, can reduce health care costs, and promote the effective use of medical; it will be the future development trends.
The technology can be combined with the huge medical market by BT's Internet connection. It will provide an enhanced and convenient in-house medical service for consumers.

Over half a million customers use fibre-based BT Infinity product. Also, the NHS overall expenditure has increased dramatically since the early 1990s with a much lower growth for medicines expenditure. According to the statistics, people did not satisfy with the NHS in the UK.
For the research, BT can provide the health information analyzed to the government, hospitals and academic institutes for forecasting potential diseases and developing medicine treatment for example.
For the business, the companies of medicine, insurance and foods can benefit from data providing by this system as well as design industry.
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