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Christian Character Weekend - Character of Surrender

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Rey Carlo Tejares

on 6 June 2015

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Transcript of Christian Character Weekend - Character of Surrender



Humbling ourselves, trusting the Lord,
and letting the Holy Spirit guide our
emotions is not an easy task.
Our pride may prompt us to question God's will
Our fears may resurface
and prevent us from
choosing God's will.
We may fail to call upon the Holy Spirit for the Grace to use our emotions well. We forget that we have been empowered
This will make us fall more easily to sin.
Instead of being Jesus to others, we bring ourselves farther from Christ.
What does
to GOD
Surrendering to God is an act of worship
Surrendering to God is an act of humility
Surrendering to God is life-changing and freeing
Surrendering to God involves our mind, will, and emotions - in fact, every part of our body.
Surrender requires grace.
Surrendering the PAST
Jesus' character of surrender captures what we have been discussing the entire weekend.
We need to surrender to the Lord our PAST, PRESENT, and our FUTURE.
Our Past
We must surrender to the Lord all our hurts and scars from the past that may still prevent us from moving forward in the present.
Hurts from our relationships
Broken relationships from the past
Hurtful experiences with parents or other family members
These injuries are carried into our present lives and may become obstacles to positive and open relationships and may lure us to sin.
They may also be the reason why we find it difficult to be humble, let go of our fears; They may also be the cause of our anger or uncontrolled emotions.
Unforgiveness allows our wounds to fester and hurt us more in the long run as we re-live the pain in our hearts and minds from time to time.
Unforgiveness prevents us from having true peace. Slightest provocation can trigger deep seated wounds and lead us to react with unreasonable emotions.
Scars and memories of past sins
Our past sins continue to have a hold on us and we find it even hard to forgive ourselves.
We fail to experience peace in our hearts, we feel unworthy of love, we consider ourselves dirty and hopeless for change.
Our past circumstance which we think have determined our future
The past may shape who we are today, but it is
actions TODAY
that will
affect our FUTURE.
We learn to surrender our past to the Lord that we may move on to become who He wants us to be.
We have to be clear
what we need to heal from.
The only
way to proper healing
, is to
seek God's love
- from God himself.
Certain steps to take for us to see God's love
Repentance is the foundation for healing
By removing pride, we will experience a change of heart needed to see from the Lord's perspective.
When repentance is activated, it totally cleanses and restores us.
Let us forgive ourselves
Forgive others
God asks us to forgive unconditionally
We forget that others' actions may have been a result of their own experiences of hurts and pains.
Forgiveness is not a feeling but a decision
When we decide to forgive, we are deciding to reveal God's love to others.
Forgiving ourselves lets us experience God's love.
Forgiving others makes us understand God's love by making us see that
no one can fall beyond His love.
Through Counseling
Sometimes it takes someone else to point out
to us how God is loving us through the situation.
We need to carefully select the people we go to for help and guidance.
Through prayers for inner healing
We pray for inner healing in cases where we cannot let go of the emotions that rule us.
Coming to the Lord in prayer should be the first and repeated step for healing.
We believe that Jesus can take the memories of the past and:
- heal them from remaining wounds.
- fill us with love on areas that have been empty for so long
- grant us the ability to up-build one another.
We must allow new memories to fill us - that of Jesus' love
We strongly trust in the fact that Jesus wants to heal us and show us His love.
"Of course, I want to heal you."

Mark 1:40-41
Jesus healed all kinds of diseases and sickness.

- His ministry was not limited to physical healing.

Matthew 4:23-24
Jesus said to him, "I will come and heal him." But the centurion said, "Lord, I am not worthy for You to come under my roof, but just say the word, and my servant will be healed."

Matthew 8:7-8
We need to be patient with God and ourselves.
We take on healing one step at a time
- must be constantly inspired by the Holy Spirit
If we are totally surrendered to the Lord, our present will be filled with inspirations from the Holy Spirit
We need to give to the Lord all aspects of our present life.
In our present situation, our circumstance will not change, instead we must allow the Holy Spirit to change us.
God wills wholeness and healing in our lives, not pain and emptiness.
God wills forgiveness in our lives, not the burden of anger and embitterment.
God wills order in our emotions,
not disordered passions ruling us.
We trust that what the Heavenly Father wills for us is great and He will provide for our needs.
- must be given over to the Father's will.
Jesus is our example on how to live a life pleasing to the Lord. He fully surenderred to the will of the Father and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
It is in this very act of surrender that, we will constantly see the love of God working in and through our lives.
The only reason we feel
when we feel the
absence of GOD's love.

One hand surrender in the world connotes defeat, but in Christian life, it can be a moment
of triumph.
We surrender to people and circumstances because we believe in the person and the purpose behind the circumstance.
We surrender not because we have no choice but because we are choosing to trust in God's love for us.
We can worship God through a surrendered spirit
We need to acknowledge that we know nothing and God knows everything, especially things we do not understand.
Giving ourselves to God and offering no resistance makes it easier for grace to come into our lives.
We know that God wants us to experience the BEST of Him.
Job surrendered his painful circumstances to the Lord and found himself having an even deeper understanding of the Lord's love.
We know that the Lord only wants what is best for us, and all His actions are for us.
We know that the Lord wants us to share in His greatness and glory!
Emotions and ideas are meant to merely guide us, never rule us.
We still act like this life is our own and we have control over things around us.
We should surrender all aspects of our lives to God, as every part of us rightly belongs to Him.
As we desire to surrender to the Lord, we must also ask Him for the grace to be able to surrender. For on our own, we will not be able to do so.
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