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No description

Yik Hin Sham

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of ELT

How to solve the problem? Why this happen? Using air conditioner unnecessarily Hong Kong Energy End-use Data (taken from Electrical and Mechanical Services Department, 2009) 29% Space conditioning Global warming problems in Hong Kong Energy controlling glass Increasing Sea Level Annual mean sea level at North Point/Quarry Bay (1954-2008) Decreasing Visibility Extreme weather Increasing
temperature Sham Yik Hin Gary
Wong Ting Yan Emma
Yau Hing Tuen Bill Greenhouse gases emissions Greenhouse Gases Emission Trend (taken from Environmental Protection Department, 2008) A huge amount of greenhouse gases emission = ? People use air conditioner They feel a bit hot

In Winter

They feel cold People fail to turn off air conditioner Why does it worsen? Ineffective solution of Hong Kong Government Government:
Maintain the indoor temperature at 25.5 Low indoor temperatures various places in Hong Kong (taken from Friends of the Earth, 2008) Hotels, Restaurants < 20 'C KCR, Buses ~ 16 'C !!! Generally too cold Famous travel guide "Hong Kong is notoriously over air-conditioned" Insight Pocket Guide "Bring a light sweater or jacket; many restaurants, offices, shopping malls and the MTR are notoriously over air-conditioned." Eyewitness Travel "A long-sleeved top is advisable for some of the arctic air-conditioning." Lonely Planet "Temperatures are set so low you may find your extremities turning blue." Help of companies and the public is a must The problem will keep worsen Policy of government will not work People actually know that they should not use so much air conditioners But they keep going because it may affect their living quality Good solution: Improve the problem without changing their habits Energy Controlling Glass 1)Blocking heat from outdoor area The double layer of glasses can block the heat from outdoor. 2)Generating energy in 2 ways -> Energy Saved Photovoltaic glass converts the sun light into electricity The thermoelectric device can generate energy from the temperature difference between the indoor and outdoor Applications Windows of buildings and Transportations Applied as a normal glass Q & A Reference GHG_Emission_Trend
Climate Issues in Hong Kong
Hong Kong Energy End-use Data 2009
Friends of the Earth
Oynx Solar – Photovoltaic Glass for Buildings
The Carvist Corporation
Transparent Photovoltaic Glass
Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) and Peltier Device Modeling, C&R Technologies
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