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Kenya, Africa

No description

Kelly Parker

on 22 May 2013

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Transcript of Kenya, Africa

Kenya, Africa Thee Gingers Natural Wonders/Scenery/Cities Kenya, Africa
United States Travelers Tips Architecture Music Art Economy The Place The Government The People Located in East Africa Kenya is still a developing country
Rich and poor areas in Kenya
Kenya is a reasonably big country
there is about 42 1/2 million people living there
America has 311,591,917 republic rich and poor Martin Bulinya - painter Lilian Towers Lamu Island If you lived in Kenya... Health Info
Hepatitis A or immune globulin (IG)
Hepatitis B
Yellow Fever
Meningococcal (meningitis)
Rabies Nairobi, Africa Mombasa, Africa Nakuru, Africa Eldoret, Africa Kisumu, Africa their president is chosen by the people sovereign state independence from Britain 1 euro = $1.30 US money smallholder farmers, herders, farm labourers,
unskilled and semi-skilled workers,
households headed by women Construction, Design, Banking, Accounting,
Business Development and most importantly
Information Technology Sarah Shiundu - painter Jimmy Ogonga -
stone sculptor Fort Jesus Museum Mount Kenya Serengeti Migration Uhuru Kenyatta 4th president April 9th, 2013 Mwai Kibaki History of Kenya The independent Republic of Kenya was formed in 1964. In 1929, the first evidence of the presence of ancient early human ancestors in Kenya was discovered when Louis Leakey found 1 million year old Acheulian hand axes at Kariandusi in south west Kenya. Arab traders began often visiting the
Kenya coast around the 1st century AD. In 1895 the British government took over and claimed the interior. Setting up the East Africa Protectorate, known as the Kenya Colony A key to the development of Kenya's interior was the construction, started in 1895, of a railway from Mombasa to Kisumu, completed in 1901. During WW1, Kenya became a military base for the British Nairobi National Museum Lake Nakuru Tsavo East National Park be 11.2 times more likely to
have HIV/AIDS have 8.7 times higher
chance of dying at infancy have 4.3 times more chance
of being unemployed have 2.5 times more babies die 19.42 years sooner use 99.03% less electricity consume 97.02% less oil make 96.55% less money Kenya has a population of 40,046,566
people, and is the 33rd largest country
in the world by population. Languages:
Swahili and English
total of 69 languages in Kenya Religions:
Christianity = 4/5
traditional African religions It is normal for Kenyan men have to more than a lot of wives. Kenyan education is poor.
Many children don't go to school because they have to take care of younger siblings while their mothers and fathers are in the fields or doing other work. Wildlife Issues How could poaching be such a problem? be aware that malaria is present in all parts of Kenya
in America you assume that buying groceries at the store will be good for you. In Kenya, be very careful about what you drink and buy!
you must take certain drugs to prevent diseases when visiting Kenya
before and after
you need SUNSCREEN since Kenya is directly on the equator it gets very hot and high temps there
watch to try your best not to get bit!!!!!!!!!!! because..
who would want to
kill this? Impact When some animals are endangered and aren't there anymore, higher predators became more dominant and eventually they will have to end up eating each other after the other prey is extinct.
A lot of different tribes in Kenya depend on their animals. Poaching has been illegal for hundreds of years, but it was during the Late Middle Ages that poaching became a punishable offense
The poor mostly did the poaching to earn money. They did this a lot when hunting was only for landowners and the nobility.

In the 1700's, poaching was one of the only ways for people to live.

Because authorities could not depend on citizens to turn in poachers, they created traps and spring-guns that would maim or kill poachers.

In the 1830s, traps and spring guns were deemed illegal, and in 1883, peasants were allowed to kill small game, such as hares and rabbits, on their own farms WildlifeDirect Kenyans for Wildlife over 1,000 years old created by the Arab traders oldest town in Kenya donkeys as cars longest and largest migration in the world Spans 18,641.1 square miles they migrate month by month second highest mountain in Africa last eruption was around
2.6 to 3 million years ago barracks for the soldiers- 1837 to 1895 prison in 1895 Museum in 1962 TRIBES Maasai Tribe smaller tribe but one of the most famous
their culture and dress style made them one of Africa's most famous tourist attractions.
drink cow blood for protein
settlements of 8-15 huts per village Kikuyu Tribe the famous and largest tribe in Kenya
believes in the god Ngai
rely heavily on agriculture
girls are raised to work on farms
boys are raised to work with animals
well educated
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