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Firefly Squid

No description

Molly Weber

on 29 November 2013

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Transcript of Firefly Squid

Firefly Squid
Firefly Squids can be found in the
Western Pacific Ocean.
They are mainly found along
Toyama Bay, Japan.
The depth that these squids live at is can range between 600-1,200 feet under the surface of the water.
The length of the firefly squid is
3 inches or 7 centimeters
Photophores are special organs on the body of the squid that light up.
They are found on many parts of the body and illuminate a blue light.
Often, these photophores are found on the tips of the tentacles and around the eyes.
Thousands more of them can be found all along the squids body which will allow them light the entire length of their body.
Photophores are special organs on the squid that light up blue.
They can be found on the tips of
and around the eyes of the squid.
These are also found along their entire body which allows them to illuminate.
Along the body of the firefly squid are thousands of photophores which light up.
Each of these lights can be flashed at the same time or in an alternating pattern.
It is believed that the firefly squid is the only one in it's family to have color vision.
The season to reproduce is between the month of
When reproducing, the firefly squids gather in
at Toyama Bay in Japan to lay their eggs.
The average life span for the firefly squid is
one year
After all of the eggs have been released in and have all been fertilized, the adult firefly squids begin to die.
To attract prey, they use the lights on their tentacles.
their blue lights, it attracts tiny fish and when they come close enough, the squid will grab the fish with its tentacles.
During they day the firefly squid will stay at the
of the ocean and at night is when they will come closer to the surface to find food before going back down.
Works Cited
Molly Weber
P. 10
The female squid can produce thousands of eggs and the gestation period for the eggs is
4-8 weeks
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