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No description

Brittany Green

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Pops

Wilbert Oliver Sisson Childhood Grew up in Saint Louis, MO. Lived with his Grandmother who he looked up to,
because his parents died at a very young age.
His parents taught him never
to be a follower. Born Oct. 12th , 1942 Childhood Memories Stealing his grandomothers car
and using his lunch money to fill the tank , so he could drive around all day. Getting arrested for chasing baseballs
on private property. Going to White Castle to get
french apple pies. Growing up Got Married to Roberta Sisson
and joined the Marine corps. While in training he jumped
from a 3 story building. while in the service he
got to travel to many different
places which caused him to be
away from his family. Passions in Life Works for the American
Red Cross, he started off
as a volunteer but then he
decided to work there. Shooting guns - Legally. if he ever won the lottery he
would make his kids go back to
school and he would also open up
a charitable fund.
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