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by Grace Marshall

Grace Marshall

on 23 December 2011

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Transcript of Plains

Plains Food Buffalo was one of the main food sources. Buffalo can be dried out and cut into strips to make jerky, also if you have buffalo tongue it is considerd a delicacy. They would make a sausage dish with meat from the buffalo stuffed inside the kidney, they also made roasted intestine chips, and blood that they boiled and made into thick pudding. They hunted buffalo, quail, elk, turkey, and deer.

The farmers farmed only on the land that had good soil and water. The most common things they grew were, corn, beans, squash, sunflowers (for the seeds), and pumpkins. they also ate berries and roots. Clothing Girls wore ponchos, shirts, and dresses. Girls usually deorated their clothes with fringes. Boys usually wore breechcloths/aprons, leggings, and decorated their clothes with regalia. Regalia is feathers and fur items. Both girls and boys wore robes with the buffalo fur on the inside and leather moccasins.Most of their clothing was made out of buffalo skin.

Homes Most of the plains people had tipis because, they were easy to take down and move. Tipis were made with long thin wooden poles tied together at the top, with buffalo hides sewn together. Earth lodges are partailly or sometimes fully covered with earth. Earth lodges are circulare with dome like rooves with a smoke hole in the top. Culture The plains people were nomdic because, the migrated with the buffalo. Some of the religios cerimonies they had were powwows and sundances. They belived gods formed themselves as the sun, moon, ans the stars or anything strange or strong. They even formed themselves as an animal, person or an odd shaped stone. Men often got power from visions.

Climate On the plains they had harsh winters and really hot summers.
In the winter it can be as cold as -40 degrees,,
but in the summer it can be as hot as 35 degrees Tools & weapons The Plains people's tools and weapons were all handmade. Some weapons they used most of the time for hunting are spears and bows and arrows. They made arrow heads by chiping off peices of a stone. Other weapons are knives, war clubs, hatchets, tomahawk witch is a light axe with a stone head, and daggers. The horns of the buffalo were made into cups, spoons and toys. The hip bone of the buffalo was made into gardening tools. They also used the tail to swat flies. Europeans came and brought guns to trade for buffalo hides.
Transportation The Plains peoples didn't have horses until the 1700's, before that they walk most of the time. In the winter they made snow shoes and had dogs thats pulled travois. Travois are two poles crosse at the top and had webbing in between the two poles for the people to sit of to carry things. When the horses came to North America the Plains people used the horses to pull the travois. Art The Plains People's art was alot differnt then the art now. They carved pipes and painted them with dies they made from berries and plants. When they painted they mostly painted action scene like when the men went on a hunt. In a lot of their clothing and leather items were embroderd with stitching, also the ebroderd geometric shapes. B.c., About 9000-8500. "North American Indians -

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