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Surviving In Devon Island

No description

Jasmine Hyde

on 16 October 2014

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Transcript of Surviving In Devon Island

Animals & Water Sources
Muskoxen, lemmings, waterfowl, and hares live in Devon Island. Mostly passive unless you were to upset them.
Natural Resources
Good natural resources are the supply of vegetation and animals, the trees are sturdy, so you could build a treehouse, you can boil snow to get water, and the soil water is good for crops.
Edible Plants & Animals & Weather
Some edible plants & animals are mustard, garlic, blueberries, mushrooms, muskoxen, hare lemmings, and waterfowl.
Skills You Need
You need to be able to hunt, fish, climb trees, and need to know general survivalist skills. You need to have stealth, so you can hunt better, strength, to fight off attackers, agriculture, to grow food, and crafting to make weapons and tools.
Location & Temperature
Located in Devon Island, Canada. Part of the Queen Elizabeth Islands. Located in Nunavut.
Surviving In Devon Island
Day Temperature: 10 Celcius or 50 Farenheight
Night Temperature:-36.22 Farenheight
Ice bergs, glaciers, groundwater, and soil water are good sources of fresh water.
Terrain & Ground Condition
There are several small mountain ranges, giant ice caps, and sedge-moss tundra that can affect shelter.
The terrain is mostly sedge-moss tundra, some people call it "Mars On Earth" because the ground looks like Mars' surface.
Bad natural resources are some of the animals & vegetation, invertebrates, and parasites.
Snow and blizzards could really limit your chances or survival.
Things You'll Need In Your Backpack
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