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Evolve: The Eye video

No description

Lisa White

on 7 April 2016

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Transcript of Evolve: The Eye video

Evolution of the Eye
1. ________________ of the Animal Kingdom, share the power of sight.
2. The sharpest eyes in the Animal Kingdom belong to __________________________________.
3. Evolutionary mistakes are referred to as ______________________________________.
4. ___________________ light makes jellyfish relax and drop to the ocean floor, ___________________ light makes the jellyfish speed up and rise toward the surface.
5. The ____________________________ explosion is the dawn of evolutionary change.
6. Compound eyes have many _______________________.
7. Trilobite eyes were made of ____________________________.
8. Insects have ______________________________ eyes.
9. The dragonfly has ____________________________ lenses and flies at speeds up to _____________________mph.
10. Binocular vision (seeing with two eyes) allows for ____________________ judgment and _________ imaging.
11. The Allosaurus is an ____________________ predator, waiting for its prey to come to it, like an alligator.
12. Animals that are prey for others can see in _____________________ vision.
13. The eyes of nocturnal animals, have very large _______________________________.
14. Tarsiers eyes are larger than their _______________________________.
15. Glowing eyes is known as ___________________________________.
16. Human eyes can see __________________________________ colors.
17. ____________________________ were used to gather leaves high in the canopy.
18. ____________________ leaves are more nutritious than green leaves.
19. Binocular vision in primates, made ______________________________________ important for survival.
20. Group living was the reason that __________________________ evolved to a larger size.
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