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Types of Characters in Fiction

Describes different types of characters students will encounter in fictional works.

kristin smith

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Types of Characters in Fiction

Protagonist vs. Antagonist
Flat vs. Round
Static vs. Dynamic

Types of Characters in Fiction
Also thought of as the good guy.
is the main character of the story.
Also thought of as the bad guy.

is the character or group of characters in direct opposition to the protagonist; The “enemy”.
Ex. Lizard
A flat character is a simple character.
Flat vs. Round Characters
They don't have a realistic personality or you only see one side.
A flat character has only 1 or 2 qualities that can be described.
Think of as the stereotypical characters: dumb blonde or jock, snobby rich person etc .
Wicked Stepmother
Victoria from "Twilight" and "New Moon".
They are very human-like and realistic. Readers can easily relate to round characters.
Round Characters are complex characters that possess both good and bad traits.
Bella from "Twilight"
Dorothy from "The Wizard of Oz"
Why is Peter Parker considered a round character?
Ex. Peter Parker
Static characters are not dramatically affected by the conflict.
Other examples:
Glinda, the good witch
Static Characters are characters who do not change throughout the story.
Their personality stays the same each time we see them. For example, Cinderella's evil stepmother is evil throughout the entire story. She does not change.
These might include:
Change in sight or understanding
Changes in commitment
Change in values
Change in personality
Dynamic Characters are characters who undergo significant change in self throughout the story.
Peter Parker in "Spiderman"
Dr. Connors in "Spiderman"
Bella in "Twilight"movies
They can be flat and static (dad from "Diary of a Wimpy Kid")
Flat and dynamic (Flash Thompson from "Spiderman")
Round and dynamic (Percy from "The Lightning Thief"
Round and static (Alice from "Twilight")
All characters are either
Flat or Round
Static or Dynamic
But most are flat and static OR round and dynamic
Check for Understanding
1. What type of character undergoes a significant change within the story?
2. What type of character does not change significantly throughout the story?
3. What type of character is simple and often stereotypical?
4. What type of character is complex and most realistic?
Students will name and identify four main types of characters.
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