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Copy of Science Fair Project, 8th Grade, 2012.

Science Fair Project for Mr Fohl

Rebeca Salcido

on 5 January 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Science Fair Project, 8th Grade, 2012.

Research Question:
How do different drinks affect your hydration?
1)Go to Wawa’s and buy a Redbull and a Peach Iced Tea. Go to Sam’s Club and get a Sparkling Ice (Black Raspberry) and a Lemon Lime Gatorade. Use regular, cold water.
2)Get up at 5:40, every morning for five days.
3)Go to school, have the same lunch every day. The lunch includes a Bologna sandwich on a bagel, 20 Sour Cream and Onion Pringles, a fruit cup, and a pouch of kool-aid.
4)Go home after school, get camera ready to take pictures of project, and get ready for everything else.
5)Drink a different drink 5 Minutes before running a mile
6)After drinking the drink, I will weigh myself to see how much I lose in sweat after my run.
7)Set thermostat to 65º Fahrenheit
8)Run a timed mile on a treadmill in 65º temperature Fahrenheit.
9)Record mile time and how I felt during and after the run in my data.
10)Perform hydration test by weighing myself to see how much sweat I lost.
11)Record data from hydration test where I record other data.
12)Re-do steps 2-11 for five days
1) Five Drinks- Gatorade (lemon lime), Redbull Energy Drinks, Sparkling Ice (Black Raspberry), Wawa’s Iced Tea (Peach), and Water.
2) A thermostat set at 65º Fahrenheit
3) A scale that weighs in pounds
4) A treadmill
5) Either a treadmill that records your time, or a stopwatch
6) A digital camera
Data Table One:
Effects From Drinks
Data Table 1:
Black Raspberry Ice
Me Running
My Weight Before A Run
One Of My Mile Times
Peach Iced Tea
Thermostat Set To 65º (Fahrenheit)
Independent Variables-The Drinks that I drank.
Dependent Variable-My hydration after I ran my mile.
Control Variable-The distance I ran (one mile)

The purpose of my research paper was to show how different drinks affect a sports player’s ability, and how they retain hydration. Researching information for this paper was not that hard, considering that there are many concerns involving athletes and certain types of drinks and what can happen when you take them before an athletic event. I also compared the nutrition facts between all these different types of drinks. Being an athlete, you think about these things sometimes, and that is why I thought I should research and do an experiment on which drink can keep you hydrated the most throughout whatever sports event there is.
My hypothesis was technically correct because out of all the drinks, Gatorade has the most sodium, and had the best hydration between the five. There are many athletes that know about this problem, but the majority of athletes do not know about it, outside of Virginia. The reason that athletes in Virginia know about how drinks affect your hydration is because VHSL made a rule saying that if you consume an energy drink some time during the day, you cannot play in any sports events that day. The reason behind that is that if you are not hydrated for a sporting event, you could end up in the hospital, so you need to stay healthy before during and after sporting events. They should investigate this more for other states that do not have a law for their high school sports about drinking certain drinks before games.
Implications & Conclusions
The purpose of this experiment was to help athletes know what drink is best for there health and hydration. If you are going to run a long distance, you should drink Gatorade instead of water, which most people do not know. My hypothesis is if the drink has more sodium, then it will have a better hydration compared to drinks with less sodium. I say that because sodium makes drinks reach the bloodstream faster and it stimulates thirst. In the end, my hypothesis was proven by Gatorade making me more hydrated then water. Other answers obtained during this experiment were that Red Bull was the least hydrated, then Tea, then the Ice, then water, and Gatorade was the best. My area of interaction was Health and Social Education. My experiment showed that drinks like Red Bull, Tea, and Ice drinks are not healthy for playing sports. I did meet my objective of seeing which drink will hydrate the best.
Thanks for watching :)
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