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How to make a great presentation

Here are some tips on how to make a great presentation. Aimed mostly to engineering students, but these can be applied to most other situations as well.

Jukka Kontula

on 30 October 2014

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Transcript of How to make a great presentation

How to make
a great presentation

Tips & tricks
Why is this important?
A great presentation is not significantly harder to do
Reguires more planning
Little money for pics
Not that hard!

Examples of great presentations:
Steve Jobs presentations

What they know?
Use references to audiences previous knowledge
How many, when, where...
Introduce yourself and your topic
Why the topic is important
A Good basic structure
Contents (T1, T2...)
Topic 1, slide 1
Topic 1, slide 2
Tell to the audience what you are about to say
Tell it
Tell what you just said
Roots of PowerPoint are in
overhead projector slides!!!
Something innovative?
Something that makes the presentation interesting?
Captivates the audience?
Something fun!
Could we do something else with a computer?
Simplicity prevails clutter
Avoid long lists of bullets
Do not put all the text in the slides and just read it aloud (Yes, I do this... But it doesn't give you an excuse to do it!).
Only few keywords / slide
Delivering a show and telling a story
analytical facts!
Practice, practice, practice!
Hands out of the pocket
Talk to the audience! Not to the slides,
not to your toes nor to the walls!
Know what you are talking about
Being nervous is natural. Only the presenter notices this. Don't worry about it!
No one knows how you have planned the presentation
Presentation styles are different personal!
Selling is not only about technical innovations
EXCELLENT products and ideas
Often our technological innovations are not that good!
No more
bad presentations
in Finland!
This is where
business students
and Swedes
are better at
Much better!
Why give an edge
for free?
Fonts, colors, pics do matter
Thank you!
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