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1930s fashion

No description

kylie joyce

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of 1930s fashion

The men often tilted their hats like this. This is how the women wore there hair, short and wavy. what was the 30s fashion like? The sandals in the 30s weren't very expensive to us, but $2 was a lot of money. This is how men wore their hair, parted and slicked down. This is a patterned sweater. They were often worn back in the 30s. Women's 30s fashion Some of the men's sweaters looked hike this. When wearing a suit, you had to wear these shoulder pads to make your shoulders look broad. This was the women's bathing suits back then. A wool one piece. These were different men's bathing trunks. People wore rectangular watches. This is a mans watch. When people in the 30s wore hats, they wore it at a tilt. Women People in the 30s worn rectangular watches like this. This is a women's watch. These are gowns that ladies wore to sleep. Men wore overcoats like this one. This picture shows a women wearing a fox-fur collar. Women wore gloves in the 30s. The lower class people sometimes made their own clothes because they didn't have enough money to buy clothes. The middle class people had clothes that are store bought but not very fancy. The upper class people had very fancy clothes and store bought.
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