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Macbeth Story Board

No description

Cynthia Boulter

on 15 December 2011

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Transcript of Macbeth Story Board

MACBETH Story Board Cynthia Boulter
(cc) image by jantik on Flickr Macbeth, Thane of Glamis and the General in King Duncan's army does a great deed. Traitor's. Macdonwald. and The Thane of Cawdor have been deseiving the King, so Macbeth kills both of them for his country. Macbeth goes to the witches to see whats up. Three new prophecies are given to him by ghosts One day Macbeth and his trusted companion and fellow soldier, Banquo, were riding on their horses when they came across The Weird Sisters. (Three witches) The ugly women gave each man three prophecies. Macbeth's were that he was going to be , Thane Of Cawdor, and king! Banquo was going to be..... To honour Macbeth for what he did for his kingdom, King Duncan invites himself over for a night to Macduff's castle to celebrate with him. But little does he know that Macbeth and his wife, Lady Macbeth, are plotting the king's death to make it possible for Macbeth to achieve his last prophecie. After alot battling over whether or not to go through with his and his wife's plan, he gives into pressure from his other half and the desire to be king. He follows a mysterious ghost of a dagger that guilds him to Duncan's room. Macbeth murder's Duncan with a dagger identical to the one he was following. Lady Macbeth frames the guards to make it look like they are the murderers. Macduff, another respected Thane, came knocking at the Macbeth castle door early on the morning of the king's murder to wake the king to leave. He is allowed entrance by the castle porter who has had too much to drink. When Macduff arrives he is greated by Macbeth and a few others who show him the way to Duncan's room. Macduff gets a shock when he finds that the king was stabbed to death. Macbeth gets nervous, even though the guards were framed, what if they were able to convince people that they did not do the crime, or that the alcohol from the night before had not done it's job. He kills the guards and claims it was out of respect for the late great ruler. Macbeth is worried about Banquo figuring out that he murdered Duncan and also about any of Banquo's prophecies coming true to be a threat to Macbeth. He hires three murderers to kill Banquo and his son Fleance while they are out hunting. Banquo dies and Fleance gets away but during a banquet to celebrate Macbeth's corination, Banquo's ghost shows up to haunt Macbeth and he makes a fool of himself infront of his guests. He looked like a crazy man talking to himself. Malcolm and Donalbain, Duncan's sons, did not feel safe staying around where their father's murderer may still be. They fled in different directions so that it would be harder to trace both of them if they should come into danger. Macbeth blamed the sceme of the murder on them because they were not there to defend themselves. Macbeth becomes king just like the prophecies said. Macbeth moves to Dinsinane Castle as he feels it will be safer for him as he awaits the attacks. Lady Macbeth has become extremely troubled over the murders and eventually kills herself, her character changing drastically to the opposite of what it was at the beginning of the play, much like Macbeth. Macbeth was mad at Macduff for not coming to his corination or his party, so he decides to get back at him and prove he means business. He sends hit men to go kill Macduff's family. After the deed is done, Macduff is informed and swears that he will kill Macbeth. Malcolm tests Macduff and determines where his loyalties lie. Together they formulate a plan to bring down Macbeth with an attack. THE END All have now abandoned Macbeth except the people who are forced to help him because he is a traitor. The attacking soldiers cut down branches from Birnam Wood for camoflauge to help disguise their numbers, which explains one of the prophecies. Macbeth kills young Siward in a battle with no worry for his own life because he was born of women. But little did Macbeth know, when it came time to battle Macduff, that his opponent was not born of women, but his mom had a C-section. Macbeth's other two prophecies have come true and Macbeth dies by the hand of Macduff. Malcolm becomes king and order is restored to the land.
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