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CMS Expectations, Rules, Procedures 2013-2014

Welcome back to school!

Lisa Zumo

on 7 August 2014

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Transcript of CMS Expectations, Rules, Procedures 2013-2014

Central Middle School

Expectations, Procedures, Routines, & Discipline
Welcome to CMS!

This will be a great school year!!
Always do your best.
Have a
Follow directions the first time given.
Stay on task.
Always do your BEST.
Put forth 100% effort.
Respect everyone.

Treat others the way YOU want to be treated.
Follow directions the first time they are given.
Stay on task.
Raise your hand for permission to speak.
Be respectful and attentive
when others are speaking.
Complete assignments on time.
Classroom Procedures
Arrive to class on time. Enter the classroom in an orderly fashion. Take out all materials for class and hang your backpack on the desk hook . Sit quietly in your seat and begin copying your assignments in your planner and working on your bell work. Leave your planner open on your desk for me to initial. If you finish early, read your AR book quietly.
Please come to class prepared with pens, paper, homework, etc. If you forgot a pen, see me to borrow one during class. If you need paper, take a few sheets from the tray on the table. Do not make "borrowing" from me or a classmate a habit.

It's YOUR responsibility to be prepared for class every day.
Work quietly.

There will be times when you will work with classmates in pairs or small groups. When working with others, please speak in a low voice and take turns. Everyone cannot all speak at once. One person should speak at a time. Be respectful and listen to others. Participate.
Getting Your Attention...
High Five
When talking has been allowed and I need
to get your attention and get the class
I will raise my hand and smile. :)
Please do not call out my name...that's just rude.
When I give this signal, I expect all students to immediately stop talking, raise their hand, and listen attentively for my next directive.
You are expected to complete all assignments on time. You may not have WRITTEN homework every night, but you are expected to study each night and look over your notes/classwork/homework that was covered and/or corrected in class. Of course, complete all written homework/assignments and study a little each night. Do NOT procrastinate and cram for tests or quizzes or rush through a project. Plan ahead and work diligently. A little studying and review each night helps a lot!! Don't be like the student in the pic!!
Assignments, Homework, and Projects
Homework should be completed before class begins. Do NOT work on homework in class UNLESS I HAVE GIVEN PERMISSION.

If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to get your make-up work from the box and complete it. You will have the same number of days to complete the make-up work as you were absent.
A little about me...
Please complete all ELA assignments in
pens will be used only to correct your work, homework, etc. in class.
NO food , drinks, or gum is allowed in class.
Cell phones must be kept OFF at all times during school. You may keep your cell phone in the zipper pocket of your binder. The phone must be OFF. If it is seen or goes off, a teacher or staff member will take it, and your parent will need to see the assistant principal to get it back.
I dismiss the class- NOT THE BELL! Remain seated when you hear the bell.

Before your leave the room, your area must be neat and clean and free of your belongings. You MUST remain seated until I dismiss you.
Special areas in our classroom...

*classroom library
*conference area
*lost & found
*materials table
*hall passes (only
person to
restroom at a time)
*cabinet- only use when I give
This will be a great year and I look forward to teaching all of you! You are "my kids" and we are like a "family".

"Ohana" means family, and family means nobody gets left behind. I am here for you and I love you with all of
my heart!

Mrs. Zumo
I am proud to say this is my 22nd year in teaching. I taught elementary grades for 15 years, but I love teaching middle school. I am a graduate of LSU and am working on my Master's degree in school counseling, and I will graduate in May!

I have been married to my wonderful husband, Mike, for 24 years. We have 3 beautiful daughters. Hannah is a sophomore this year at Southeastern Louisiana University. She wants to be a first grade teacher. Our twins are Heather & Heidi and they are sophomores at Central High School. They are very athletic and love playing fastpitch softball.

I look forward to a great year with all of you, my new students for this school year!
Stitch, as Elvis, is our official classroom mascot!
When leaving the classroom...
A musical prompt will sound 3 minutes before the bell. When you hear it, clean up and organize materials/belongings and get things together for dismissal quietly.

Once the bell rings, remain seated and quiet.
Wait for the teacher to dismiss you- the bell does NOT dismiss you!
*Go to the bathroom
BEFORE home room
class (morning).
* Go to the bathroom at
lunch time
*You will be given
one other opportunity
during the day. Please do not abuse these privileges!
*You will not have time to go to the bathroom before class- you may be tardy!
*Bathroom breaks will NOT be given during class time except for extreme emergencies of which I will be the judge. No bathroom break allowed the first 10 or last 10 minutes of class.
*If you are allowed to go to the bathroom during class, you must record the date/time in your planner & I will initial it.
Sit quietly in
assigned seat.

Walk quietly

in the classroom.

Be respectful when I am talking or a classmate is talking.
If you have a problem or concern, see me about it privately or give me a note. I will always make time for you.
If you need to get my attention, please raise your hand and WAIT to be acknowledged.
Sometimes I may make a soft clap sequence to get your attention. You are to listen to the sequence and then copy clap after me while eyes are on me and you are quiet and ready to listen.
Please do not call out my name.
Homework & Classwork...
Agenda for class activities and homework will be written on the board daily. You will copy homework in your planner.
Homework will also be posted on Schoology.
Turn classwork, homework, and projects in on time.
Tests will be announced about a week before the test date.

Sometimes you may receive a study guide, and sometimes you won't.

We will review for tests/quizzes in class, but you will also be expected to study on your own at home.

You are responsible for making up tests and quizzes.
Tests and Quizzes...
Textbooks are used as a class set & are to remain in the classroom.
Classroom library books may be checked out using the folder on top of the bookcase.
PLEASE take care of the class library books and return them in a reasonable time.
DO NOT write in or damage any books. HANDLE WITH CARE!
Do I need permission?
If I am NOT speaking, then you may-
sharpen pencil if needed.
throw away trash.
get a tissue if needed.
If you are not sure, just ask.
Please do
talk during announcements.

You must stop & listen. This is important information for you and/or your teacher.
If I am NOT speaking...
You may-
sharpen pencil if needed.
throw trash away.
get a tissue if needed.
If you are not sure, just ask.
Discipline Procedures:
Class Dojo will be used daily as an incentive for all students to meet expectations.
Points are earned & accumulated to receive prizes, awards, coupons, privileges, etc.
A few reminders...
you may have to work with someone you don't like. Be kind, respectful, & do your best work.
you may get a reward-
say thank you.
you may cough or sneeze- cover your mouth & nose.
you may make a mistake- learn from it.
I may make a mistake- be respectful.
Despite all these rules & procedures...
I am on your side.
I want you to succeed.
I want you to have a love for reading as much as I have.
I am willing to work with you on all matters great & small.
Bathroom Privileges:
When I make the High Five signal, I expect everyone in class to stop what you are doing, get quiet, raise your hand and smile, and look at me and listen.
Minor Infractions:

#3- student/team conference-parent notified
#5-1 day after-school detention-parent notified
#8- 1 day Saturday School-parent notified
#10- 1 day Out of School Suspension-Begin behavior interventions assigned by AP-parent notified.

Time Out Room
*Coach Hess
Movement Between Classes:
We expect you to be quiet & orderly in the hallways.
In the main hallway, stay on maroon tile- leave center area of hall OPEN.
Stay to the RIGHT.
We have a couple of hand signals posted on the back wall that you will learn and use in class for restroom, a pencil, tissue, etc.
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