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Thunder and Lightning Deities

No description

Ariel Roro

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Thunder and Lightning Deities

Zeus, Greek Mythology
Zeus was known as the Thunder god in Ancient Greece, and he is still popular in this present day. Zeus was King of Mount Olympus and he was also presented as the god of Mercy and Justice. Zeus was very worthy to "his people" because he is the protector of the weak and the punisher of the wicked. One fact about Zeus was that he used Lightning bolts as a main weapon and was the king of all gods who ruled in the heavens of Mt. Olympus.
Shango, African Religion
Shango is known as the deity of Fire, Thunder and Lightning. His powers included mastery of fire and summoning the Lightning and Thunder stroms. Shango is capable of flying at the speed of 250 mph. He carries a double-headed axe which has in place magical energy that enhances strength, stamina and providing energy for casting the storms. Shango is considered a "good god" because he punished criminals such as liar and thieves; his favorite weapon to punish them was the Lightning Bolt.
Mamaragan, Aborginal Mythology
Mamaragan was an Australian Thunder and Lightning god. He can talk through Thunder and as his voice to speak. Something that is interesting about Mamaragan is that he rides gloomy dark storm-clouds during night time while throwing Lightning bolts when he is not in a pleasant mood. As you may think that Mamaragan lives in the sky, clouds or different dimension, he did not, he lived in any forms of puddles from being mud puddles to water puddles. Mamaragan is an evil god, he is NOT nice.
Thunder and Lightning Deities
Raijin had a very unusual appearance, his skin was red and in flames, his head/face had the look of a devil and the hands of eagle claws; in fact he was an evil demon who opposed Buddha. Raijin's name means "Thunder Bolt" because he is the storm god of Thunder and Lightning. One of Raijin's hobby is to eat the belly buttons of little children, which is very disturbing. Anyways, he was important and worshiped because his lightning bolts fertilized the rice crops that Japanese people grew for food.
The Thunder and Ligthning gods are very powerful. From what I understand; theses deities have the most magnificent strengths. These strength could be from controlling the storms, throwing Lightning bolts and speak through Thunder as their voice. The four different dieties from different cultures I chose were Greek Mythology; Zeus, Japanese Mythology; Raijin, African/ Yoruba Mythology; Sahngo and last but not least Austrailian/ Aboriginal Mythology; Mamaragan.
Raijin; Japanese Mythology
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