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Study Abroad Pre-Orientation

University of Richmond, Office of International Education

Amy Bergmann

on 3 August 2017

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Transcript of Study Abroad Pre-Orientation

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Let's Begin!
U.S. citizens should consult the U.S. Department of State website at http://travel.state.gov to get started. Non-U.S. citizens should consult their home country government authority.
Residence Permit
The visa is a stamp placed in your passport, allowing you specific entry into the country (usually a
If you run into any problems navigating through this presentation, or if you have any questions about the pre-orientation quiz, please contact studyabroad@richmond.edu.
University of Richmond
Study Abroad Pre-Orientation

*Course Approval/Credit Transfer
*Insurance/Safety Protocol
*Cost/Financial Aid
*Housing Upon Return


To Navigate:
This is a
Prezi presentation, and is NOT a substitute for attending the mandatory outgoing orientation session.

There will be a quiz upon completion. To take the quiz, log into your Gateway Abroad file, click on your program name, and look under "Assessments." A 100% score is required, but you may take the quiz as many times as you need.
After approval to study abroad,
at minimum
students should follow two important checklists/forms (some
programs may have additional forms):
What To Do Next
Program-specific checklist
These are found in your Gateway Abroad file.
Whether you need a first-time passport or you
need to renew an existing passport, be sure to start this process EARLY, as most students will also have
to obtain a visa or residence permit, which usually cannot be processed without a valid passport.
Don't forget that OIE reimburses regular passport/visa application fees.
See Gateway Abroad
'Passports and Visas' and 'Finances' sections
for more detail.
You can typically find visa/residence permit guidance on your program-specific checklist, but YOU are ultimately responsible for obtaining the appropriate
entry clearance.
Download '
Study Abroad Course Approval
from UR Registrar’s Office website

Read instructions

Take form to relevant
department chair
for individual course approvals

strongly encouraged, but post-approval possible

Course Approval:

Credit Transfer:
Review credit/grade transfer information
on Gateway Abroad program brochure page
How many classes to take?
How to calculate # of units you will earn?
Host institution/program grading system?
Take equivalent of 3.5 – 5.5 UR units while abroad to maintain full-time status
Courses taken abroad must not be repeat courses and must be in a subject on offer at UR
Must receive equivalent of “C” grade or better (no pass/fail courses) in order to transfer credit
Students are automatically enrolled in study abroad health/accident insurance by Chubb Insurance Co. (w/AXA Travel Assistance coverage)

We will go over this briefly at outgoing orientation, but you should review the insurance policy on the Gateway Abroad '
Health and
' section

From there you may read policy details, purchase additional coverage (if needed), download claims forms, etc.
Financial Details
The fee for most Richmond semester abroad programs is the current full-time day school undergraduate tuition. In addition, students should still pay the $100 general deposit to hold their place at UR for their return from study abroad.
Scholarships / Aid
Students applying to Richmond exchange/direct enrollment semester abroad programs may be eligible for scholarship funding via the Office of International Education (OIE). In addition, there are many external (non-UR) scholarships that students may want to consider. You should explore the
section of Gateway Abroad.
Issues of health/safety will be discussed extensively during outgoing orientation.
In advance of that session, however, we recommend students review the Study Abroad Handbook (follow link on Gateway Abroad site) to familiarize themselves with policies regarding student health abroad. Know what to do in event of a natural disaster, sexual assault, accident or illness, etc.
To learn the specifics of the payment for room and meals for your program, you should consult the
"Dates and Costs"
section of the relevant program brochure page in Gateway Abroad.
Students participating in Richmond semester abroad programs are automatically granted a travel allowance to help with flight expenses. This is applied to the UR student account.
Students who apply for financial aid will have their aid package calculated with the abroad educational expenses in mind. Review the
Financial Aid
section on Gateway Abroad (under 'Finances') for more information.
Housing Upon Return
Though students are not guaranteed on-campus housing upon return from a semester/year abroad, those interested in living on campus should complete the appropriate process in a timely manner via the Star Rez system.
That's it! You finished!
Do a happy dance!
But don't forget to take the Pre-Orientation Quiz! Contact studyabroad@richmond.edu if you have questions.
Students with questions should consult the UR Housing Office.
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