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david animal of rainforest

No description


on 21 April 2014

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Transcript of david animal of rainforest

Animals of the Rainforest
Grade 3
Ms. Priz

the Agouti is herbivore.
Its prey: they eat plants, nuts, fruit, seed, leaves, and roots.
Its predator: hunters of the Agouti include the jaguarundi, jaguar, ocelot, harpy eagle, large snakes, and people.
If is cold, agouti eat a lot of food. If is hot, their hair are down.
Agouti has five toes on it's front feet and three on the hind feet.
When Agouti eat food,the seed is into Agouti mouse. When Agouti poop,and the seed was come into the poop. So it grow up.
It is camouflage.
When Agouti is in dangerous,
it's hair are up. So it scared
the hunter.

Physical Description
Agouti has toes on it's front feet
and three on the hind feet. when
the weather was hot,Agouti heir
are fall .When Agouti eat and poop,
the seeds of the plants can grow.
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