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The Aztecs

A Prezi On The Ancient Aztecs.

Martin Floro

on 10 August 2010

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Transcript of The Aztecs

The Aztecs By Martin Floro The Aztec people are a group of people that used to occupy central mexico. The spoke the Nahuatl language and dominated large parts of Mesoamerica in the 14th,15th and 16th centuries. This period in time was called the post-classic period. Aztec in the aztec language nahuatl means 'people from aztlan' . aztlan is a mythological place for nahuatl-speakers. Introduction Military/Defence The aztecs had no professional army, but they had professional army officers. Qhen a boy was born, their umbilical cord was cut and buried in a live battlefield to show that the boy's life would be dedicated to warfare. Every able bodied child was forced to join the army. soldiers were ordinary people. Education Noble children attended a school called a calmecac, which was attached to the side of a temple.
Boys and Girls attended different calmecacs. There they learnt to live prudently, to govern and to follow the ways of their elders. They also learnt about warfare.
The Macehualtin ( workers, tradespeople ,peasants and builders ) children went to a local school or telpochcalli. They were taught the basic skills needed in life, such as occupational skills, the elements of warfare and the skills of good citizenship. Some bright Macehualtin children were sent to calmecacs, because they would have a better chance of scholarship there.
Food & Drink Picture Gallery An Aztec Calender Stone A Plastic reconstruction of the ancient aztec empire Aztec Land Left: An Aztec Sacrifice Taking Place Right: Gods sacrificing people Maize, which is a type of corn, was the Aztecs main food source. The Aztecs also ate tomatoes, avocadoes, atole (a type of porridge) ,tortillias made from maize, and tamales, a kind of envelopes made from steamed maize and stuffed with meat and vegetables.
Chocolate was also eaten by the Aztecs. In their culture chocolate was reserved for warriors and the noble. The origin of chocolate came from the Aztecs. A drink made from Maize and cacao was believed to provide stamina and this drink was used in sacred rituals.
Religion The Aztecs believed in 15 different gods and goddesses. The gods are listed below;
1.Talocan: Home of all the Aztec gods and goddesses
2.Coatlicue: This goddess represents pain and suffering
3.Tezcatlipoca: This god represents magic, war and death.
4.Xipe Totec: The god of spring, new life, and suffering.
5.Xochipilli: Prince of Flowers, God of dawn, dance and love.
6.Huehuetecti: God of Fire
7.Tloque Nahuaque: Lord of everywhere; the one supreme force for both male and female.
8.Quetzalcoatl: God of knowledge, creation, priesthood and wind.
9.Chantico: Goddess of hearth
10.Tlaloc: God of rain
11.Mictlantecuhtl: God of the dead
12.Chalchiuhtlicue: Goddess of the lakes and streams.
13.Chicomecoatl: Goddess of maize
14.Tezcatlipoca: God of fate and creation
15.Huitzilopochtli: God of war, sun and the nation.
The Aztecs believed that the sun fought the darkness every morning then the sun rose into the sky. The Aztecs believed that one day a man jumped in a fire and then the sun was created.
Political Structure The Aztec’s first leader was Acamapichtli. Acamapichtli guided the early construction of the city. He had two sons, the first born named Huitzilihuitl, and the second born named Chimalpopoca. The birth order of the two sons determined who would rule first after their father died. The Aztecs had a communist-like political structure. The 2nd leader, Huitzilihuitl, continued guiding the city’s early construction. He had two sons, Itzcoatl, Moctezuma Ilhuicamina. The first born, and The 3rd leader, Chimalpopoca, finished off the work of his father and brother in the guidance of the early construction of the city. The Fall Of The Aztec Empire There are many factors that led to the fall of the Aztec empire. Here are just a few of them.
1.Sacrifices; The Aztecs just kept on sacrificing humans. The city of Tlaxcala had some of their own sacrificed, and they joined together with the Spaniards to invqade what the Spaniards considered a evil culture.
2.Religion; This paid a big part of the fall of the Aztecs. When the Spaniards invaded, the Aztecs thought that they were gods.
3.Disease; Disease paid one of the largest parts in the fall of the Aztec empire. There was an invader called Cortes who landed by ship in Ancient Mexico, and disobeyed direct orders from the Spaniards. He went to fight the Aztecs, but he had acquired smallpox’ a highly contagious disease. The Aztec warriors caught this disease, and due to in-proper treatment, the disease spread, and before you know it most of the Aztecs had it.
How They Influenced Our World Today The Aztecs left behind three main legacies for the modern world to discover.
1.Environmental Legacies; They left behind rich crops, herbal medicines and ancient cuisines.
2.Cultural Legacy; They left behind art and architecture which influenced modern Mexican art and architecture.
3.Political Legacy; In 1810 when Mexico declared it’s independence from Spain, the Aztec empire served as a precedent and rule for modern Mexican society.
Trade There were Aztec merchants called pochtecas, and they were the people that brought in a lot of amazing things to the Tlateloco market. Some of these items included: jewellery, feather caps, tortoise shell cups, spices and cocoa beans. The life of the pochtecas was very hard and dangerous especially when they were travelling long distances. During the reign of Tenochtitlan, the pochtecas were also spies spying on the other lands that they visited to gather their goods. Social Structure In the aztec’s society, war was one of the most important parts. The women all stayed at home, leaving all of the Aztec men to do all of the work. THANKS FOR WATCHING! Bibliography EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG/WIKI/AZTEC LIBRARY.THINKQUEST.ORG/27981 http://www.fieldmuseum.org/aztecs/conclusion_2.asp Credits: Prezi:Martin Floro
Poster:Martin Floro
Information Report:Martin Floro
Executive Director: Martin
Producer:Martin Floro Strength The aztec's strength was their
architecture. Weaknesses
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