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Connecting the links workshop - presentation

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Jelena Ozegovic

on 14 October 2015

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Transcript of Connecting the links workshop - presentation

Ability of CSOs to use media for campaigns advocacy and community mobilization - challenges and recommendations
Challenge 1: Understanding the purpose of using the media/Understanding the media

Build the capacities of CSOs to better communicate with the media (set a strategic approach in communicating with media/citizens/general public)
Develop communication strategy / analyze communication needs / who to communicate with what and why?
Make clear and precise advocacy campaigns and include a communication strategy to implement it.
Work on establishing joint platforms of media and CSOs in order to solve and promote issues of mutual interest / strategic partnerships in writing and implementing different projects
Challenge 2: How to send the message

Educate staff in journalism basics (using simple language, hava a clear message)
Human interest stories (Do have them a lot!)
Know your topic and the main aim (know the audience, have target groups)
Challenge 3: Lack of resources (human and financial)

Make a strategic decision to use simple language and clear messages in your everyday work (both internally and externally)
Train staff in media literacy
Involve volunteers from communication/journalism studies (internship programs, volunteering actions, everyday work etc.)
Challenge 4: Raising awareness about media/CSO

Writing and proposing media monitoring/researches/joint projects
Whenever possible, include media representatives as advisers/trainers/coworkers/speakers in your project activities
Organize joint workshops and trainings of CSOs and media representatives
Challenge 7: Donors Visibility Requirements
Challenge 6: Expanding our audiences

Breakdown your own stereotypes
Avoid to be trapped in contacting the same media outlets and journalists (diversify and broaden your network)
Find innovative ways / methods to reach media that might look distant and uninterested
Challenge 5: Relationship building

Have sense of the importance of building personal/semi-formal relationships with journalist/media representatives
Start from nothing (call media outlets, present yourself, build personal contacts from the start)
Raising awareness in high level media persons / editors - an area for improvement

Donor visibility requirements should not affect CSOs identity and visibility
Plan your visibility activities in your project proposal
Lobby the donors: explain your mission and the challenge during the consultations, writing reports (send media clipping material, provide numbers, statistics to support your opinion)
Thank you for your attention
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