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Das Autohaus

Marketing Presentation

Darren Eiswirth

on 11 March 2016

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Transcript of Das Autohaus

Partnership of Opportunity & Growth
Das AutoHaus
Executive Summary:
In 2015, over
searches related to VW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, and BMW auto repair and services were conducted in Harris and Montgomery County.
*Source: Google metrics
Targeted Customer Base:
Women - Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers (top spenders)
Competitive Analysis
Lucas Autocare
Smith Foreign Auto
Heights Auto Haus
Key Auto Werks
Euro Car Werk
Campbells Auto Care
VG Motors
Service First Automotive
Top Online Competitors:
Advertising & Media Objectives:
Digital Marketing Strategy for Increased Sales
Aggressively target VW, Audi, Porsche owners seeking service or repairs
Aggressively target BMW / Mercedes owners seeking service or repairs
Build an emotional sense of value and trust with your audience
Offer incentives for consumers to choose your shop over competitors
Media Strategy:
Paid search marketing: Google AdWords
Frequency: daily
Reach: selectively target % of total search
Evaluating Online Strategy:
Google is constantly changing and evolving.
Paid Search Effectiveness:
Paid search
visits have a 35% higher conversion rate compared with visits from
organic search
, according to reports by MarketLive.com.
Big Picture Strategy:
Paid Search:
Where 40-60% of your search
opportunities are being missed
Success Strategy
5 Key personnel assigned to project:
Focused Resources
Opportunity Investment
Agency Hours
Google PPC Spend
Est. Click Increase
Est. Conversions
Est. Lead Increase
- $2,000.00
- $5,000.00
- $10,000.00
5-10 +
26-36 +
51-75 +
searches were conducted in January 2016 alone.
10 to 60 Hours / Mo. focused on key activities:
SEO (search engine optimization)
Frequency: daily
Reach: local area marketing
Website landing pages
Phone tracking
Form tracking
Frequency: 24/7
In our own real-world tests, we believe the marketlive.com data to be accurate.
Men - Millennials, Generation X, and Baby Boomers
Teens - Generation Z.
Our own test results showing 5.45% conversion using PPC vs. 1.62% conversion with organic search.
Partnership Opportunity
Not just survive. Thrive and grow!
1. We have researched your current market.
2. We have evaluated your overall competition.
3. We have discovered opportunities.
Local Targeting Opportunity
<35% of local competitors are using paid search marketing
Competition Summary:
90% of competitors are effectively using SEO to rank in the top 10 on Google Search.
This is an opportunity to take advantage of gaining more leads.
You have good rankings which can be improved as well as your digital strategy.
Momentum Volkswagen
Professional Auto Care
Audi West
Audi North Houston
Porsche of N. Houston
European Auto Techniks
NH Beemer
New Marketing Strategy
Est. Click Increase
Est. Conversions
Est. Lead Increase
5-10 +
26-36 +
51-75 +
4. We have a strategy to elevate your sales.
Your Marketing in 2015
How many leads did your website track?
What if your monthly conversions could double?
How would increased leads benefit your business?
What would 5-75+
more leads
per month mean?
Marketing Estimation
We discovered a competitive advantage.
Your competitors will eventually try to copy our strategy...
...by time that happens, our ongoing strategy will keep you ahead of the game.
Creative director
Marketing strategist
Content strategist
Graphic designer
Web developer
Web & graphic design services and upgrades
Marketing management, strategy, and reporting
Realtime SEO and paid search optimization
Monthly performance review meetings
Aggressive keyword strategies
All opportunities are tracked
Competitive Marketing Advantage!
Das AutoHaus
Woodlands Ad Agency
Partners in Success
Das AutoHaus
Woodlands Ad Agency
Partners in Success
Per Month.
How many phone calls came from your marketing?
How much revenue did your advertising report?
Print Advertising (optional)
Frequency: monthly
Reach: local area marketing
Demographic: W34+
Average cost for auto repair in Texas:
*source: audatex
Est. extra income generated from leads per month
5-10 = $13,308.36 - $25,951.30
20-40 = $51,902.60 - $103,805.20
50-75 = $129,756.50 - $194,634.75
(Optional) Print advertising campaigns
Reputation Management + Social Media (optional)
Frequency: daily
Reach: local area
Immediate alerts from major review websites
(Optional) Spanish translation on website
(Optional) Reputation / social media management services
Option C
= Branding strategy, content writing, website strategy, website design and development, digital marketing campaign (paid search + organic seo campaign), phone + form tracking, weekly marketing reports.
Option B
All items offered in package C and adds the following
: monthly marketing strategy meetings, full Spanish translation (actual page-by-page translation to fluent Spanish), print advertising strategy, print advertising design, strategic media placement of print advertising campaign.
Option A
All items offered in package B and adds the following
: reputation management (online reviews), social media management, social media marketing, social media leads.
Campaign investments can increase revenue from $13,308.26 to $194,634.75 each month
Branding / Logo Design
- reduced cost (50%) with campaign.
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