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The life of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

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Mehnaaz Rahman

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of The life of A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Life & Connection
100 years from now
A.P.J Abdul Kalam is known for his huge contribution to India's society. He contributed so many things to India. Like publishing books about his life, working in the field of politics to make an impact on India, and working with missiles to help his country. He is also recognized for the awards he has won over the years for his work with missiles and teaching students, even if it was for a short period of time. A.P.J Abdul Kalam has contributed so many things to his country including this and more. He is considered very important in the development of his country and is recognized for his contribution.
The life of
A.P.J Abdul Kalam

1oo years from now, A.P.J Abdul Kalam will
be remembered for his contribution to the
field of science and politics. He has done
so many things before his presidency and
has made a huge impact on India when he was
president. He will truly forever be remembered as a great Indian leader for his contribution to the Indian society.
Q1: Why are you considered a role model?
I chose to compare A.P.J abdul kalam with Dr. Zakir Hussain becuase both of their lives are very similar. They both are muslims. Both were presidents of India and both were born in India. ZAkir Hussain and A.P.J Abdul Kalam are also alike because both had a teaching career and are considered a great hero for their contribution to the Indian society. Zakir Hussain is also known for his high education and the Bharat Ratna award he recieved in 1963. Zakir Hussain was a great leader and did many things for Indian politics, just like A.P.J Abdul Kalam.
Background Information
A: I am considered an inspiration to people because I encourage people to dream big and follow those dreams. My self-motivation, knowledge and inspiring thoughts inspire people to follow their dreams and turn them into reality.
My connection to A.P.J Abdul Kalam is that we are both Muslim and are Indian.
Dr. Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam was born on October 15,
1931 to parents Jainulabiddin Marakayar and Ashiamma Jainulabiddin in Rameswaram, India. Avul had seven siblings.
Even when Avul was young he was a hard working student. He
always dreamt that one day he would fly. This dream led him to receiving a degree in Aeronautical engineering, a chance to
work with NASA and being involved with India's missile program.
In 1981, Avul was awarded the Padma Bushan and in 1997, the Bharat Ratna. After this, Avul became the President of India from 2002 to 2007. Avul was also nominated for the MTV Youth Icon of the year award in 2003 and 2006. Avul is an indian scientist, administrator and previous president of India. He has never married because he believes that he would never be able to do what he had accomplished if he did.
Q2. How did you treat your projects?
A: I had many projects in my professional life. I put a lot of effort and passion into every single project to treat it like it was the last.
Q3: What were some of the challenges you faced?
A: One of the challenges I faced was the failure of my first major project with missiles. Another challenge I faced was the death of my favorite mentor. I overcame the challenges by looking ahead and trying harder to reach success.
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Interesting Facts
1. A.P.J Abdul Kalam is known as the "missile man of India" for his work with missiles.
2. He has a tablet PC for healthcare in rural areas named after him.
3. A.P.J Abdul Kalam sold newspapers as a child to gain an income for his family.
4. A.P.J Abdul kalam has published two books about his life.
5. A.P.J Abdul Kalam taught as a professor of
Technology & Societal Transformation at Anna University.
6. He was the Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India.
Q4: What qualities do you need to be successful?
A: You need 4 things. You need a great aim in life, constantly pursue knowledge, work hard and persevere.
Q5: What was the 13th century Persian Sufi Poet Jalaluddin Rumi's poetry you reminded students and made them recite with you?
A: The poetry is called "I will fly and fly". "I am born with potential. I am born with goodness and trust. I am born with ideas and dreams. I am born with greatness. I am born with confidence. I am born with wings. So, I am not meant for crawling, I have wings, I will fly. I will fly and fly".
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