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Magic of QR Code in Classroom

No description

Vijay Wagh

on 14 July 2016

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Transcript of Magic of QR Code in Classroom

Magic of QR Code in Classroom
What is QR Code ?
> Text
> A web site address
> Video / Audio link
> ...................
How do I create a QR Code ?
So how can we use QR Code in classroom ?
QR Code of resource link : Starting of the lesson

Scavenger hunt : Place QR codes at different locations

QR code pasted on the student work helping user to pull the video linked to it

QR code to link a tutorial to video on how to handle an equipment / music instrument

Also known as
Quick Response Code
A graphic that represents
Many QR Code generator sites
How do I read a QR Code ?
Free scanners available
Library corner : Book reviews, list of reading suggestions & book list , biographies

Music : QR code linked to the audio of a student playing an instrument

Students produce QR code to submit their work/Animation / Video etc.
by vijay WAGH
Scan the QR codes pasted on the wall
Scan the last QR code to give suggestions / ideas / comments
Create you own QR Code
For Mobile Devices
Using Web
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